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Medical tapes are specially made sticky tape used for effective wound care. It is sometimes referred to as surgical tape, gauze tape, or wound tape. To keep bandages and dressings in place for wounds, you can apply the first-aid tape directly to the skin. These medical tapes are beneficial for other purposes outside wound treatment.

Skin-friendly, simple to use, and sufficiently adhesive wound tape must adhere to the skin even when the user is moving around. Riteway Medical carries varied types of medical tape at the best prices from top manufacturers like 3M, Abena, Cardinal Health, BSN Medical, Nexcare, Covidien, Dynarex, Mckesson, etc.


Types of Tapes

Hypoallergenic Tapes

Many people have major concerns about allergies. Medical-grade tapes that are hypoallergenic are especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Thus, for the care of skin and wounds, we provide a variety of hypoallergenic adhesive tapes.

Cloth Tapes

Some cloth tapes provide light compression on the injury and have a cloth backing. In general, cloth tapes are useful to fasten intravenous lines and ventilator tubes. Furthermore, they can also be used to label scrubs and other equipment.

Waterproof Tapes

There are several different types of waterproof tapes available for medical purposes. These include single-sided hospital tapes and double-sided hospital tapes. It is possible to stop water from seeping through the bandage and into the wound by using waterproof medical tape. Additionally, it keeps wound fluid from leaking through the bandage. Also, swimmers particularly benefit from these tapes.

Paper Tapes

Paper tapes include pores that allow for ventilation. Also, these are suitable for promoting speedy healing of sensitive skin. This tape variety refers to as micropore tape, is perfect for use on older persons and in situations where wounds require frequent dressing changes.

Elastic Tapes

Elastic tapes are extremely conformable and provide multi-directional stretch because of their elasticity. They enhance patient comfort & allow for swelling. Also, they provide the stretch needed for dynamic pressure dressing.

Surgical Tapes

Surgical tapes are available for specialized applications, dressing difficult-to-reach locations, and compression applications. Because they offer secure adhesion. Also, they come in cloth, paper, plastic, and foam varieties. Moreover, use surgical tapes to stabilize body parts, secure IV tubing and catheters, and secure dressings.

Transparent Tapes

Without removing the tape, transparent tapes enable examination and assessment of the wound. These transparent medical tapes are breathable from the inside. Also, these can hold facial dressings, IV tubes, and catheters.

Dressing Retention Tapes

The purpose of dressing retention tapes is to keep basic dressings, such as gauze and foam, in place. Also, they keep IV tubing, cannulas, and catheters in place. Moreover, a dressing retention tape is highly conformable, breathable, and stretches for simple application.

Sports Tapes

Sports tapes give active people solid support and great tensile strength. After applying this strong adhesive, it hardly leaves any residue behind. Moreover, sports medical tapes are versatile & also simple to tear.