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If you have experienced an accident or sickness that causes issues with your mobility and motor function, kinesiology tapes are a possible therapeutic option. It is applying strips of specialized tape to your body in specific directions to support your muscles, tendons, and joints, such as the knee, ankle, or wrist. They are similar to human skin in that they are thin and elastic.

Sports tape, wraps, and other athletic tapes are available from Riteway Medical in a variety of widths, roll lengths, colors, and packaging options. Also, these are appropriate for everyone from weekend athletes to active seniors to full sports teams. We have a wide range of Kinesiology tapes from top manufacturers such as Body Sport, Muller, Sports Medicine, RockTape, Thera Band, and many more.


Types of Kinesiology Tapes

Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Waist & Back Application

Pre-cut waist and back kinesiology tape supports muscles and joints while preserving range of motion. The wave-pattern adhesive on kinesiology tape raises the skin to aid in bettering circulation. Also, this 100% high-grade cotton tape is breathable, elastic, & latex-free.

It retains the skin’s and muscles’ natural flexibility. Also, it supports muscles and joints while preserving range of motion. Moreover, it has a cutting-edge wave pattern adhesive that stretches and contracts with your skin and muscles as you recuperate.

MTape Athletic Tape

MTape athletic tape is convenient to apply and offers excellent support. It is also simple to tear. Also, it is an excellent medical tape for use in all sports medicine procedures. These tape rolls are utilized on tools like hockey sticks and baseball bats. Also, the tape is simpler to tear when its edges are serrated. Moreover, this athletic tape unfolds effortlessly to the core.

Gentle Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape that is soft on the skin has been carefully created. It treats both sports-related and non-sports-related problems. These include back pain, the runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. Also, for patients who are less active, this is ideal. You can also use this as athletic tape.

Kinesiology Tape with XactStretch

Olympic competitors, professional athletes, passionate high school players, and sports medicine specialists all rely on the XactStretch kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape reduces discomfort and offers support to tired muscles and joints.

This helps everyone work better and play harder. This scientifically created indication makes sure your tape stays in place so you can move, play, and heal more effectively. Furthermore, you can wear this type of kinesiology tape for up to 5 days.

Physio Tape

A muscle support adhesive refers to physio tape for knees that give your joints and muscles support and stability without compromising circulation or range of motion. Unlike conventional physiotherapy tape, this kinesiology tape offers a number of applications. This includes the treatment of Edema and carpal tunnel syndrome in addition to pain management.

This natural, water-resistant, and latex-free muscle tape, also refers to as kinetic tape, is useful for several days at a time. Since muscles are responsible for more than just bodily movement, they also regulate venous and lymphatic flow. By maintaining your muscles around the clock, our muscle support has been developed to assist prevent many of these symptoms.