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A great option to increase absorbency and offer sterile wound care is with gauze sponges. There is a gauze sponge for almost any need because dressing sponges are available in a wide range of sizes and ply. Gauze Sponges from some of the most trusted manufacturers including Cardinal Health, Covidien, Dukal, Dynarex, Mckesson, Medline, & Johnson and Johnson are available at Riteway Medical.


Types of Gauze Sponges

Cotton Square Gauze Sponge, 12-Ply

A cotton square gauze sponge is appropriate for use in operating rooms and in some surgical procedures. To aid in clear visibility under X-ray equipment, barium sulfate marker is heat-bonded into the gauze. Also, the folded edges of the woven gauze aid prevent unraveling and guard against the danger of stray threads. Moreover, its barium sulfate level exceeds limits at more than 55%.

Nonwoven All-Purpose Cotton Sponges, 4-Ply

Nonwoven sterile cotton gauze sponges comprise a variety of general wound care tasks. These include cleaning, administering ointments, preparing, and more. As they comprise soft, 100% non-woven cotton material, these sponges are incredibly absorbent and almost lint-free. Furthermore, they withstand fraying and lingering lint.

Nonwoven Cover Dressing Sponges

Nonwoven cover dressing sponges have good absorbing and wicking qualities and are ideal for general use. The low-linting formulation reduces the possibility of fibers remaining in the wound bed. Also, these sterile, first-aid dressings are individually wrapped, with two cover sponges per package. Moreover, they are beneficial for modest to moderate drainage.

X-Ray Detachable Surgical Laparotomy Sponges

Using surgical laparotomy sponges, operating room staff may easily and precisely perform abdominal surgical procedures. Their 4-ply gauze lets surgeons easily apply pressure to halt excessive bleeding. These immediately absorb fluids surrounding the operative field for enhanced visibility.

Square Drain Sponges, 6-Ply

Nonwoven square drain sponges include a six-ply design and a synthetic rayon and polyester blend for quick wicking and superior absorption. The special pre-cut T-slit fits perfectly around tracheotomies, catheters, chest tubes, drains, and IVs. Furthermore, there are no latex materials in this gauze sponge.

Premium USP Type VII Gauze Sponges, 16-Ply

Due to its premium 100% cotton construction, 16-ply USP Type VII cotton gauze sponges are excellent for dressing wounds, cleaning, preparing food, and packing. As the cotton gauze sponge has less linting than other materials, it would not get caught in wounds.

Surgical Gauze Sponges, 12-Ply

100% cotton gauze makes up surgical gauze sponges. It is antiseptic and very absorbent. Also, peel-down pouches are available in their packaging to make aseptic handling simple. Moreover, for convenient access, open trays store the pouches.