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Lightweight gauze dressings are beneficial for deep wound healing or post-surgical wound treatments. Many uses for medical gauze include applying it directly to the wound. Also, keeping the area sterile is essential for a speedy, healthy recovery. The gauze dressings  medicated or antiseptically impregnated. Also, they are especially designed for the debridement of wounds when they are big and likely to include necrotic tissue.

Moreover, gauze comes in two different main categories: woven gauze dressings and non-woven gauze dressings. The most traditional type of dressing is woven gauze & comprises natural cotton. On the other side, non-woven gauze dressings comprise rayon or synthetic fiber. Less adhesion to the wound bed distinguishes them.


Types of Gauze Dressings

Gauze Dressing with Adhesive Border

The three layers of sterile bordered gauze are an absorptive dressing that protect the wound surface, absorb exudates. Also, these hold the dressings in place while preserving a moist wound environment. It easily adapts to wound areas that are challenging to dress. It is soft on the skin. Moreover, you can use it as a primary or secondary dressing on a daily basis.

Gel Pad Gauze Dressing

Cadexomer Iodine-based gel pad gauze dressings are sterile antimicrobial dressing compositions. They absorb liquids when applied to the wound, clearing out exudate, pus, and debris while producing a gel on the wound’s surface. Also, it releases iodine as they absorb, killing germs and altering their color.

Hydrogel Impregnated Dressing Gauze

For wounds with little or no exudate that require moisture addition or maintenance, use hydrogel impregnated gauze dressing. It supports autolytic debridement by maintaining a wet environment conducive to wound healing. Thus, apply a moisture barrier ointment or barrier film to prevent maceration of the peri-wound skin.

Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing

A soft, white, sterile, nonwoven, 3 in. by 4 yds Z-folded gauze dressing refers to combat gauze hemostatic dressing. Also, it is beneficial to temporarily control external bleeding from trauma. Moreover, it conforms to all wounds and is supple and flexible.

Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

The Xeroform occlusive petrolatum gauze dressing shields wounds and offers a moist environment for wound healing. Also, it adheres to and follows all body curves, making it ideal for compression therapy and usage on both deep and minor wounds. It is a non-adherent dressing with additional therapeutic elements to safeguard wound beds and speed healing. Furthermore, the removal of a Xeroform dressing would not hurt the patient because it would not stick to the wound.