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A gauze bandage is a typical and extremely thin, woven, and breathable fabric bandage. These are useful to hold a dressing in place. You can apply these directly to a wound to keep it clean and allow air to enter to speed up healing. Also, it comes in a variety of sizes, and some bandages come pre-soaked with harmless hydrogel or other antiseptic substances.


Types of Gauze Bandage

Cotton Conforming Gauze Bandage Roll

As a secondary dressing, cotton conforming gauze bandage rolls are beneficial to secure the placement of main dressings. For the convenience of use, little taping is required. Also, its low-linting composition reduces the possibility of fibers remaining in the wound bed. Moreover, it stabilizes and expands to follow the curves of the body.

Cotton & Polyester Conforming Bandages

Conforming stretch bandages are useful as a secondary dressing to help keep the primary dressings in place. For simplicity of usage, it requires little tape. The likelihood of fibers remaining in the wound bed is reduced thanks to the product’s low-linting formulation. Moreover, it holds in place while stretching to follow the contours of the body.

Absorbent Cohesive Conforming Gauze Bandage

As a first-aid dressing, secondary dressing, or retention bandage, absorbent cohesive conforming gauze bandages are perfect for holding primary dressings, splints, I.V.s, leads, and catheters in place. Also, it provides a blend of conformability, soft support, and light absorption. Moreover, the danger of irritation is lower with this bandage, especially on sensitive or injured skin.

Impregnated Conforming Bandage

The impregnated conforming bandage has a stretched length of 10 yards and a width of 4 inches. Stretchable and easily conformable, these cotton gauze bandages fit the body. Also, the non-hardening zinc oxide paste on both cotton gauze bandages reduces inflammation, rashes, ulcers, and other related diseases. Moreover, calamine provides the premium zinc-oxide paste bandage with additional calming effects.