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A film dressing is a thin, clear polyurethane sheet that can adhere to itself or to the skin and is coated with an adhesive. It creates an environment conducive to healing, guards the wound against bacterial invasion and mechanical damage, encourages autolytic debridement, and serves as an additional skin. In addition to McKesson, 3M, Convatec, Covidien, DermaRite, Dynarex, Nexcare, and many other reputable medical vendors, Riteway Medical offers a broad selection of high-quality transparent film dressings.


Types of Film Dressings

Moisture Barrier Film Dressings

While you shower, moisture barrier film dressings help keep wounds dry and clean. These shield surgical incisions, intravenous (IV) sites, catheters, and PICC lines. Also, these protect other dressings from water and moisture.

Transparent Film Dressing with Pad

Riteway Medical sells semi-permeable transparent adhesive film dressing with a non-adherent absorbent pad. Waterproof outer film aids in preventing contamination by allowing oxygen and moisture vapor through. Also, picture frame borders are simple to apply. Moreover, it adapts easily to difficult-to-dress wound locations.

Transparent Film Dressing Pad without Label

In order to adhere devices to the skin, shield wounds and I.V. catheter sites, and maintain a moist environment for wound healing, transparent film dressing pads are beneficial. Also, they serve as a barrier against external contaminants. These include bacteria, viruses, blood, and human fluids. Moreover, they are waterproof, breathable, and impermeable.

Hydrocolloid Dressing With Film Backing

Use this Hydrocolloid dressing to maintain a moist environment for wound healing without overhydrating the wound bed. The hydrocolloid layer of the dressing responds to create a gel-like barrier that keeps the wound wet.

Waterproof Transparent Dressing

The most popular hospital brand of transparent dressings is waterproof transparent dressing for wounds. These breathable, flexible, waterproof bandages seal out dust, water, and viruses. Dressings for wounds that are waterproof are perfect for abrasions, cuts, small burns, traumas, and post-surgical incisions. Also, wearable in the bathtub or shower, this waterproof bandage effectively blocks out water.

This film dressing is discrete and sticks to your skin to totally protect your wound from water, debris, and germs while yet enabling it to breathe. Moreover, you can keep up with your favorite activity while wearing waterproof bandages for swimming. Because they are flexible and of pleasant design which you can wear for up to a week.

Opsite Flexigrid Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing

A transparent, sticky film dressing with a special wound measuring grid refers to an Opsite flexigrid. The film is extensible, conformable, and moisture vapor permeable. Also, it is frequently used to give superficial wounds a wet environment for healing. Additionally, it works well as a second dressing.

Multi-Layered Absorbent Film Dressing

Composite dressings that are absorbent wound absorbers have their own adhesive borders. These adhere to the skin firmly yet gradually peel off to prevent skin irritation. The backing film shields the skin from external contamination while supplying a moist wound environment. Also, a component of these absorbent dressings will wick away exudate and disperse it throughout the soaking material.

As the exudate builds up, the user may see it through the bandage’s top. Moreover, exudate would not leak through the backing, and the border glue will keep it all contained. By doing this, the risk of damage to the nearby skin will be significantly reduced.