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Eye care products are beneficial to treat and relieve eye conditions. Eye patches, eye pads, eye shields, and eye protectors are examples of eye care goods. These eye care products are available from reputable companies including McKesson, Dukal, Medline, Nexcare, and others at Riteway Medical.


Types of Eye Care Products

Adhesive Foam Eye Protector for Adult

To safeguard a patient’s eyes during surgical or general medical operations, adhesive foam eye protectors are utilized. To make it simple to watch the patient’s eyes, it comprises firm, clear plastic. Also, the foam cushion’s self-adhesive design makes the application quick and precise. Our eye protector comes in single or double foam thickness. Moreover, they are single-use, sterile, and separately packaged to assist avoid cross-contamination.

Disposable Aluminum Eye Shield without Cover

The disposable metal eye shield is lightweight and flexible. It is a perforated, convex, slotted protective eye shield that is frequently used to cover an injured or recently operated eye. Also, the autoclavable medical eye shield has a tape attachment aperture. Medical tape that is less damaging and irritant to the skin is useful to secure a non-adhesive eye patch.

It does not include a protective fabric cover. Moreover, it has an oval cupped form with slots on the borders and numerous holes all around the shield. This allows air to circulate and ventilate. You can easily shape it to fit every user’s eye. Also, it is flexible enough to wear with eyeglasses.

Eye Patch with Elastic Band

Cotton convex eye patch with an elastic band has a black sateen finish. Also, it has convex eye coverings and an elastic headband. Moreover, natural rubber latex is not used in its production.

Oval Eye Pad Adhesive Strip

The oval cotton eye pad adhesive strip has a soft, gentle nonwoven cover to protect the delicate eye area and an absorbent pad filled with cotton for comfort. Thus, you may accomplish precise positioning by using the easy-place tab on the rear of the eye pad.

Moreover, disposable oval eye pads are soft and delicate to the touch. The cotton material is absorbent and comfortable for the patient, and the curved shape easily fits the eye cavity. Furthermore, this eye pad comes individually wrapped in a handy dispensing carton. It is sterile to avoid cross-contamination.

Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch

The Opticlude Orthoptic oval eye patch is useful to screen the eye during occlusion therapy or after minor surgery. Although it allows for unfettered eyelid movement, it fits comfortably beneath glasses. The adhesive border around this oval eye patch makes it easy to apply. Also, it’s beneficial for relaxing vision-occlusive therapy.

It offers a very breathable backing that adheres nicely but is simple to take off. For the convenience of patients recovering from eye surgery, the oval eye patch stands apart from the eye to allow free eyelid movement. Furthermore, the highly breathable Opticlude oval eye patches allow moisture to escape. This keeps your healing eye more comfortable.