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As you recover from edema, elastic bandages are excellent for delivering a little compression to your limb. There is no requirement for additional pressure should you choose not to add it, even though doing so is an option. Additionally, they are adaptable enough to be cut or trimmed, enabling the fingers or thumb to be wrapped to prevent slippage.

Compression bandages, Unna boots, and other items are all examples of elastic bandages. Elastic bandages, like the ACE elastic bandage, are available in a variety of styles, dimensions, and hues. These suit your specific requirements as well as perhaps add a touch of fashion.


Types of Elastic Bandages

Elasticated Multi-Purpose Tubular Bandage

An elasticated multi-purpose tubular bandage distributes pressure evenly over the surface. Also, it offers long-lasting, efficient support with total freedom of movement. Following the application of the elasticated tubular bandage, the elastic threads in the fabric move to conform to the body’s contours and distribute pressure uniformly over the surface.

Elastic Bandage Hook and Loop Closure

An elastic bandage with hook and loop closure is a knitted bandage of orthopedic grade that offers greater absorbency and breathability for prolonged use. Moreover, treat lymphedema, post-operative edema, venous leg ulcers, and general support with it.

Elastic Compression Cohesive Bandages

Without the use of adhesives, elastic cohesive compression bandages are perfect for holding dressings in place. For minor sprains and strains, the bandage offers soft tissue support and light compression. Also, it easily adapts to the movements and features of the body. Moreover, it does not require clips or fasteners.

2-Way Stretch Tubular Bandage

A lightweight elasticated tubular bandage with two-way stretch has both radial and longitudinal stretch. Also, it works well as a skin covering for any region of the body and for fixing clothing. The bandage is also useful as an undercast stockinette and to cover patches. Moreover, it is quicker and simpler to use than conventional tube bandages, and it frays less.

Orthopaedics Elastic Bandage with Velcro Closure

A premium bandage is an orthopedic elastic bandage with velcro closures. Consistent compression is offered by the weave. Also, there are clips available for it.

Elastic Bandage with Clip Lock

For weak muscles or joints, elastic bandages with clip lock combine compressive, solid support with a cozy, light fit. Also, the medical bandage is fastened and reusable, and it keeps its stretch with each use. After numerous uses and washings, the regulated stretch maintains its strength and flexibility. Moreover, this compression bandage is perfect for the wrist, ankle, foot, knee, shoulder, and back.