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Compression bandages are designed to come in contact with a wound directly. These bandages are available in pads and come in adherent and non-adherent varieties. Individuals with lymphedema or other venous disorders may also benefit from compression provided by compression bandages. Despite the fact that many bandages comprise latex, recent technological advancements now offer a wide range of non-latex choices.


Bandages are a strip of material useful to hold a dressing, splint, or other medical devices in place. This distinguishes compression bandages from compression dressings. Compression dressings may be immersed with debridement or infection prevention treatments. Also, these dressings are useful for diabetic people. The extensive selection offered by Riteway Medical can accommodate a variety of patient demands.

Types of Compression Bandages

Elastic Cohesive Compression Bandage

Standard adhesive bandages are completely waterproof and adhere to difficult-to-cover places. A simple-to-apply, sting-free liquid bandage creates a permeable, protective covering. This fosters healing and aids in infection prevention by limiting exposure to dirt and germs. Support for discomfort, strains, sprains, and injuries that is comfortable and would not attach to skin or hair. It keeps a firm grip even when submerged.

Also, they are quite beneficial medicinally and can help with swelling, sprains, and overall pain. They possess antibacterial qualities. Moreover, it shields muscles and joints from harm. Boost the body’s inherent ability to heal. Support your joints and muscles without limiting motion. Furthermore, the wrap maintains its position without requiring repeated readjustments and adheres to itself without the use of glue, pins, or clips.

Cotton/Polyester Conforming Bandage

For optimal clinical flexibility, cotton conforming bandage roll offers softness, low lint, good absorbency, and mild stretch. It comprises a cotton and polyester mixture. One-ply crocheted bandages comprise of cotton and polyester have a flexibility that helps them maintain their shape and prevent sliding. While still being sturdy and long-lasting, it allows drainage to be absorbed.

4-Layer Compression Bandage System

A 4-Layer is a whole kit of compression bandages. It has adhesive strips to keep the wrap in place as well as a 4-layer compression wrap bandage. For people with proper arterial circulation and ankle circumference, it is beneficial in the management of edema caused by venous leg ulcers and other related disorders.

Calamine Impregnated Conforming Bandage

For the treatment of venous leg ulcers, venous edema, and minor lower extremity trauma injuries, calamine-impregnated conforming bandages are beneficial. Also, it has a zinc-oxide paste that does not harden and calms ulcers, rashes, and associated diseases. Moreover, stretchable and easily conformable, these cotton gauze bandages fit the body.

Elastic Bandage with Clip Detached Closure

A compression elastic bandage with a clip provides supportive comfort during sports like flag football and cardio kickboxing. With the help of the convenient clip, the wrap is adjustable to the ideal fit. Do not let little aches and pains prevent you from taking part in the enjoyment. Moreover, utilize the ACE elastic bandage with clip as support and continue your favorite activities.

Compression Elastic Tubular Support Bandage

With a single layer application, compression elastic tubular support bandage offers constant support under sustained pressure compression. It is useful to treat rib cage injuries, soft tissue injuries, general edema, & post-graft pressure for burn patients. Also, it is useful to treat strains and sprains and support after cast removal. It conforms to the shape of the body. Moreover, it helps keep the surface in place without using tape, clamps, or other fasteners.

Cohesive Multi-Color Compression Bandages

Cohesive compression bandages in multiple colors keep dressings in place by applying continuous pressure. Also, the self-adhesive substance just slightly hinders blood flow. It maintains its original size while effortlessly following the body’s natural contours. Moreover, cohesive bandages give soft tissue support for minor sprains and strains as well as light compression for skin that has been damaged or is sensitive.