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Due to pressure points inside the cast, cast padding helps reduce sores and irritation. The padding is soft and adapts nicely to any curve, keeping the skin dry and pleasant. Cast liners and undercast padding are necessities to have underneath any cast. It is useful to lessen chafing and act as a cushion under the cast. Depending on the requirement, cast padding comes in both sterile and non-sterile varieties.


Also, sterile padding would likely be necessary for surgical and post-surgical uses. Non-sterile liners are useful in a wide range of various situations without wounds, sores, or surgical incisions, such as splinting and casting. Furthermore, with plaster or synthetic casting material, employ the majority of undercast liners and cushioning types.

Types of Cast Padding

Cotton Undercast Padding

Cotton undercast padding comprises cotton fibers and provides supple, organic cushioning. Also, it works well with both artificial and plaster casting materials. Moreover, it reduces dimensional variations that cause the padding under the cast to move. It adapts to body contours.

Absorbent Cast Padding

A highly absorbent material that is ideal for usage around wounds is cast cushioning undercast. For either synthetic or natural casting materials, this soft natural substance offers a cozy undercast surface. Also, it comprises surgical-grade, 100% rayon and enhances the wicking of body exudates under a cast. Moreover, there is a combination of high tensile strength and exceptional absorbency with softness and cooling for the best under-cast comfort.

Polyester Cast Padding

In addition to offering security and patient comfort, polyester cast padding helps to dry out the cast by lowering water retention. Although it is padding, it is simple to tear and powerful. It effortlessly follows the contours of the body. All casting materials, including plaster and synthetic, can be utilized with the permeable. Because it allows the skin to breathe. Moreover, it is white padding measuring 2″ x 4 yards. It is only usable once.

Synthetic Cast Padding

Strong, porous, and highly conformable synthetic cast padding that is very simple to shred. There is the usage of all casting materials, including plaster and synthetic materials.

Orthopedic Cast Padding

Orthopedic cast padding helps patients feel more at ease when wearing casts. There are 20 rolls in a bag of it. Furthermore, any synthetic or plaster casting material may be utilized underneath the sports tape.