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The procedure of accurately treating wounds begins with assessment. If the patient’s risk and other contributing factors are not taken into account at the first assessment, even the highest quality wound management is unsuccessful. Health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, anemia, immunological diseases, and obesity can be impacted by how and if a wound heals. This is mainly because a clean, healthy, well-nourished, sufficiently perfused environment devoid of devitalized material is essential for optimal recovery. Riteway Medical carries adhesive bandages from top brands at affordable prices.


Types of Adhesive Bandages

Stat Strip Adhesive Bandages

Stat strip is a thin, flexible adhesive bandage that is easy to apply in a single step. Also, it is beneficial for medical personnel who are wearing gloves.

Metal Detectable Lightweight Fabric Adhesive Bandages

Metal detectors will consistently pick up on this first aid rectangular sterile adhesive fabric bandages. Because the pad has metal underneath it.

Spot Adhesive Bandage

To effectively cover and protect your cuts and scrapes, plastic spot adhesive bandages for kids adhere to your skin. Kids will adore wearing the strip because of its amusing patterns, which create a colorful look. Also, we have sterile sticky plastic spot bandages that are circular. Moreover, the bandages comprise flexible plastic. You can place them on a non-stick pad with absorbent and adhesive qualities.

Flexible Unna Boot Bandages

The flexible unna boot bandages are beneficial for the treatment of thrombophlebitis, lymphatic edema, sprains, and dislocations as well as venous stasis leg ulcers. Also, the zinc-oxide paste formulation keeps the patient more comfortable and lasts longer. More even dispersion of paste is made possible by the distinctive knit construction.

Heavy Duty Fabric Bandages

Strong woven construction and proven longevity are the hallmarks of heavy-duty adhesive bandages. These adhesive bandages have a special shape that comfortably fits knees, elbows, and other difficult-to-cover body regions. Also, the stretch fabric flexes to accommodate a natural range of motion. Furthermore, keep moving forward with your project, outing, or travel by treating a minor wound with a strong fabric bandage.

Waterproof Adhesive Pad

You may confidently bathe, swim, and shower with the help of a waterproof adhesive pad. This bandage is waterproof and sticky. Also, this waterproof dressing shields your wound with cushioned foam and an absorbent, non-stick pad in order to totally protect it from water and dirt.

As you recover, you may play tag with your kids and hit the gym thanks to this waterproof dressing that stretches with every motion. Your adventurous spirit may overcome minor wounds. But adequate care is necessary to continue doing what you love without giving anything up.