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Leg bags, catheter bags, and bladder bags are all common names for urine bags, which are beneficial for collecting and short-term storage of urine. Also, these catheter-attached urinary drainage bags allow for the transfer of urine from the bladder. People with urine incontinence (leakage), urinary retention, patients in wheelchairs, bedridden patients, or those recovering from surgery can all benefit from these devices.


Moreover, urinary bags comprise vinyl, though some also include silicone, PVC, or latex. The bag is fastened to the user via straps on the sides that are made of elastic with fasteners or hook-and-loop closure. Catheter bags come in a variety of designs, including ones that are secure to the user, a bed, or the ground. The final two are urinary drainage bags, which come in plastic or vinyl bottles. Furthermore, urinary leg bags are available in a variety of designs to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Types of Leg Bags

Flip Valve Bags

Flip valve urine bags provide quick and thorough emptying. If you favor this kind of drainage method, a flip-valve bag might be the best option for you.

Twist Valve Bags

Twist valve bags contain a twist valve drain opening that makes emptying them quickly and easily. If you prefer a twist valve to a flip valve, this sort of bag might be the best option for you.

Velvo-Strap Bags

For those who choose this attachment option, urinary bags with velcro straps are perfect. Thus, velcro straps are convenient for patients with restricted hand mobility. Also, they are simple to remove and put on.

Latex-free Leg Bags

The straps of latex-free leg bags comprise a comfortable, latex-free material. Thus, these leg packs are perfect for you if you have sensitive skin or a latex allergy.

Reusable Leg Bags

If you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for a leg bag that offers odor prevention, a reusable leg bag can be the best option for you.

Disposable Leg Bags

If you’re looking for a bag for one-time use, a disposable leg bag is the best option for you. Disposable leg bags are made to be strong enough to survive normal use. Also, this allows patients to dispose of them easily and discreetly.

Your doctor’s recommendations and personal preferences will be the main determinants in your decision regarding a urine leg bag. Furthermore, the three distinct ounce sizes—9 ounces, 19 ounces, or 32 ounces—or the three different milliliter sizes—500 mL, 750 mL, and 1000 mL—that these urine collecting devices commonly come in.

Active users can be accommodated by the smaller bags. Thus, these allow for greater mobility, better concealment, and simpler securement. Less active users can fit in larger urine collecting bags. Also, these provide more storage and require less frequent draining. Most urinary leg bags have a valve to let the urine drain out when they are full. But some also have a one-use disposable option.