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Internally implanted intermittent catheters are beneficial for a variety of indications. These include the temporary removal of urine from the bladder in cases of urinary incontinence, urinary retention, or bladder obstruction. Top manufacturers make a variety of intermittent catheter kinds and sizes at Riteway Medical. These include straight intermittent catheters and coude intermittent catheters.


Types of Intermittent Catheters & Trays

Intermittent Catheter Uncoated with Coude Tip for Male

Male intermittent catheters with coude tips are appropriate for male catheterization. Each male urinary catheter is 16 inches long. Also, it has polished eyes to lessen urethral stress and the possibility of transferring infection into the bladder. Moreover, it is staggered to maximize urine flow. Also, the catheter is easy to handle by the urinary tube funnel end.

Intermittent Catheter Hydrophilic Coated with Coude Tip

Drain the urine from the bladder by inserting an intermittent catheter coude tip hydrophilic coated urethral catheter into the urethra. Moreover, in order to activate the hydrophilic coating in just 30 seconds without a mess and maintain cleanliness, it comes with a sterile water package. Also, this neatly explodes by folding inside an unopened catheter pack.

The raised ridge on the catheter’s funnel and the blue guiding stripe printed on the catheter shaft. This helps the user correctly position the catheter so that the curved tip is pointing up. Furthermore, a curved tip makes it easy for the catheter to pass through that narrow space.

Indwelling Catheter Tray Without Catheter

With the assistance of the medical personnel, indwelling catheter trays without a catheter simplify components and cut down on waste. Moreover, this hygienic, single-use catheter tray is free of natural rubber latex. Also, it is intended for use just once.

Intermittent Catheter with Straight Tip

High-quality intermittent catheters with a luer end and a 14-french tip are ideal for quick and simple self-catheterization. Non-coated urinary catheters comprising clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are recommended for intermittent catheterization of the urethra. This is for those who are unable to encourage a natural urine flow. Or who have a large amount of leftover urine after a regular bladder voiding.

Urethral Catheter with Tiemann Tip

The notch on the catheter funnel of a urethral catheter with a Tiemann tip is useful to denote the position of the tip. Furthermore, the shaft’s stiffness helps the catheter tip move more easily up the urethra and into the bladder.