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When a patient recuperates from surgery or experiences urinary incontinence owing to physical constraints or a spinal cord injury, a urine bag links to a foley catheter or male external catheter to channel urine. Both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients have access to a range of urine drainage bag design alternatives to accommodate their demands during catheterization. There are hanging urine drain bags for bedside collecting or moving them to a wheelchair. Other urine collection bags feature straps that the patient can wrap around their legs or waist, allowing them to walk and move around comfortably.


Types of Drainage Bags & Trays

Wound Drain Tube with Trocar

Wound drain tubes with a trocar are beneficial for closed wound suction drainage. Also, they enhance drainage caused by higher flow rates and lessen the possibility of seroma formation. Soft, flat drain hubs provide improved patient comfort. And the fluted form reduces the possibility of tissue in-growth.

Urinary Drainage Bag With Anti Reflux Valve

An anti-reflux urinary drainage bag with a nonwoven cover is useful to fit discretely inside and provide patient privacy. For convenience and ease of use, it has a cap and needleless sample port that are both conveniently accessible. Also, it equips with 48-inch star lumen tubing that keeps fluids flowing even when the tube kinks and shields the tube from breaking.

The tube is secured to the patient’s clothing or a bed sheet with the help of a handy clip. Thus, this prevents it from twisting or dragging on the floor. Moreover, greater patient privacy and discretion are possible by the bag’s form and cover. These fit perfectly inside and hide both sides of the bag.

Urinary Leg Bag with Rubber Cap Valve

There is the usage of heavy-duty vinyl to create bladder leg bags. These have a rubber cap valve and latex straps for durability, leak resistance, and odor control. Also, urine backflow prevents with an anti-reflux valve found in each leg bag. Moreover, leg bags are sterile and reusable.

Bulb Evacuator Drainage Device

Drainage systems for closed wound drain systems offer suction and fluid collection. This drainage bulb device aids in cleaning the reservoir and graduations to clearly identify and quantify waste. Also, it is ideal for vacuum levels. It provides for greater comfort and movement. Moreover, it comes with a strap and clamps that attach to the bed, wheelchair, or IV stand.

Urinary Drain Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve

A central entry, hook hanger, and anti-reflux valve is features of the bedside urinary economy drain bag. This is a standard, premium vinyl bag with a 2000 mL (cc) maximum capacity. It is vented, with a synthetic latex bottom exit tube, and 120 cm of tubing.

Urinary Collection Bag

The urinary collection bag is a latex-free drainage bag. This increases the patient’s sense of dignity, mobility, and quality of life. Moreover, to keep patients dry and tidy, wear these urinary bags around the waist. As they have a soft backing that would not irritate the skin, one can wear this around the abdomen under clothing.

Also, it removes issues like catheter extraction and leg bruises that come with leg and bedside bags. With an easy-to-fasten waist belt and an anti-reflux valve to stop backflow, the bag is sent fully assembled and prepared for use. Furthermore, both men and women are able to wear this.