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All of the things that assist with maintaining a person’s continence are available in urological supplies. If the user cannot urinate regularly, it is beneficial to assist indirectly. Products for urology are beneficial to control both controlled and uncontrolled bladder or urination. Moreover, with the help of these items, you can autonomously manage your personal care with security and confidence.

No matter their age, males and females are both impacted by urological problems. Thus, these goods are necessary to get over the related challenges. Drainage Bags & Trays, Foley Catheters, Leg Bags, and many other urological devices are available from RiteWay Medical. Furthermore, these goods support the urinary system’s secure operation.


Various Urological Supplies

Drainage Bags & Trays

When a patient recuperates from surgery or experiences urinary incontinence owing to physical constraints or a spinal cord injury, a urine bag links to a foley catheter or male external catheter to channel urine. Furthermore, both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients have access to a range of urine drainage bag design alternatives to accommodate their demands during catheterization.

There are hanging urine drain bags for bedside collecting or moving them to a wheelchair. Other urine collection bags feature straps that the patient can wrap around their legs or waist, allowing them to walk and move around comfortably.

Foley Catheters

A Foley catheter is a piece of medical equipment that makes a path for urine drainage and collection. Also, this kind of catheter enters a person’s bladder through the urethra and comprises malleable material. Foley catheters, which have two distinct routes down the tube, enable complete stability and secure extraction.

Moreover, the foley catheter has two channels. One is useful to maintain the catheter in the bladder using a balloon. The other channel allows urine to pass through and be collected using a leg bag or bedside drainage bag. Furthermore, latex or silicone are typically used in the construction of Foley catheters.

Intermittent Catheters

Internally implanted intermittent catheters are beneficial for a variety of indications. These include the temporary removal of urine from the bladder in cases of urinary incontinence, urinary retention, or bladder obstruction. These include straight intermittent catheters and coude intermittent catheters.

Leg Bags

Leg bags, catheter bags, and bladder bags are all common names for urine bags, which are beneficial for collecting and short-term storage of urine. Also, these catheter-attached urinary drainage bags allow for the transfer of urine from the bladder. Moreover, people with urine incontinence (leakage), urinary retention, patients in wheelchairs, bedridden patients, or those recovering from surgery can all benefit from these devices.

Top manufacturing companies including Covidien, Medline, Hollister, Coloplast, Posey, Bard, Teleflex, and many others make urological products. They are sturdy, trustworthy, and composed of high-quality materials.