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Skin cleansers are medical supplies that clean the skin and shield it from infection. Leading medical companies like ConvaTec, Medline, Coloplast, Purell, and Smith & Nephew are represented by skin sanitizers at Riteway Medical. To guarantee the health and safety of patients, we provide convenient goods for the doctor’s office, the home, and skilled nursing institutions.

Cleaning incontinence and ostomy sites frequently involve the use of washing foams. We have the skin cleansers you need, no matter what your hygienic or sanitation requirements are! You can choose a cleaning solution from our wide range of offerings based on your sanitation requirements. You can select the top skin cleansers based on your particular requirements.


Types of Skin Cleansers

Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

Prior to surgery or patient care, an antiseptic skin cleanser lowers the number of bacteria on the skin. It guards against skin diseases. Also, it is beneficial for use as a hand wash for medical professionals and as preoperative skin prep for patients.

Antimicrobial Liquid Body Cleanser

Antimicrobial liquid body cleanser reduces and inhibits bacterial growth to give antiseptic protection. This gentle topical cleanser requires no rinsing and kills bacteria while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. In order to improve personal hygiene and lessen odor caused by germs, an antimicrobial cleanse is perfect as a replacement for deodorant all over.

Skin & Hair Cleanser

All types of skin and hair receive a gentle, lotioned full body clean from skin and hair cleanser. It offers a gentle lather that rinses cleanly without leaving behind any soap or oily residue. Also, it is rich in moisturizing lotion and vitamin E. This nourishes the skin and locks in healthy emollients, leaving it soft, moist, and smooth. Even individuals with sensitive skin can use it frequently and wash their hands afterward because it is not too harsh.

Foaming Body Cleanser

A gentle, all-over cleansing wash that requires no rinsing is a foaming body cleanser. It is a calming, moisturizing foaming body cleanser. Also, it is ideal for patients in bed, anyone who has trouble showering, or for maintaining cleanliness in between showers. It can be used for skin or hair and has a special, non-sensitizing recipe. Moreover, this cleanser is perfect for dry, damaged skin because it offers characteristics that soothe the skin.

Perineal Skin Cleanser

A moderate, non-drying skin cleanser with aloe vera gel refers to a perineal cleanser that is useful for cleaning the perineum. The deodorizing, no-rinse, ready-to-use solution calms and hydrates inflamed skin. Furthermore, it is more simple to use a liquid spray cleaner than to wash with soap and water from a basin.

Rinse-Free Foaming Cleanser

Without using soap, a foam cleanser that does not require rinsing gently and effectively cleans, conditions, and deodorizes delicate areas. This pH-balanced cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and fresh and enhanced with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. Moreover, it has a cucumber melon fragrance, is lightly fragrant, and lathers up quickly when used on the skin and hair.