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Popular skin care treatments like protective film and powders are useful as prophylactic steps to safeguard the integrity of the skin. When one applies them to the skin, protective films and powders create a barrier that shields the epidermis from moisture and friction. Patients’ skin discomfort is frequently brought on by moisture from incontinence. The skin will respond and itch as soon as it comes into contact with pee or feces.


Moisture from incontinence combined with skin friction frequently results in severe rashes, ulcers, and the possibility of infection. For both private usage and in settings, professional medical care is available. Thus, Riteway Medical provides a variety of shielding films and powders to aid in preventing such skin issues.

Types of Protective Films & Powders

Liquid Skin Barrier Wipe

A long-lasting waterproof layer is created by a liquid barrier skin wipe protectant to guard peri-wound skin from body fluids, adhesives, and frictional forces. Also, it aids in lowering the possibility of discomfort and skin abrasion when removing tape and glue.

Antifungal Body Powder

Body powder with antifungal properties aids in the treatment of superficial skin infections brought on by yeast. Your itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness, discomfort, chafing, and irritation symptoms can all be treatable by the powder. Also, the powder is available in a shaker bottle, making it simple to use as needed.

Body Powder

Body powder, a natural cornstarch-based body powder, is silky-smooth and non-caking. In the folds and cracks of the skin, it absorbs moisture and perspiration. It is advisable to use under ostomy pouches or with a compression hose to prevent sticking and friction.

Skin Barrier Wipes

The sting-free Ostomy Care skin barrier wipes help to lessen skin issues brought on by adhesives and output. It leaves a light, permeable layer on the skin that shields it from potential harm. Then you prepare to apply a new barrier because it dries quickly and leaves no residue on the skin. Also, it is available as a spray and a wipe. Moreover, the wipes are convenient for use while traveling or on the go because of their covert packing.

Odor Neutralizer

Odor neutralizer eliminator employs a special concentrated mixture to get rid of foul smells. These come from biological waste products such as urine, feces, emesis, and necrotic tissue. Sprays that neutralize odors do much more than just mask them with other smells.

No Sting Barrier Film

The alcohol-free no-sting barrier film shields skin from body fluids, adhesives, and friction. A translucent, breathable protective layer is created on the skin by barrier films made of a special 3M terpolymer. The product is rapidly drying and non-sticky thanks to the polymer dispersed in a solvent system. Additionally, a plasticizer is present that helps the material to produce a continuous coating even when put over bent or wrinkled surfaces. It is useful on skin that is intact or damaged because it is hypoallergenic and non-cytotoxic.

Prep Protective Skin Barrier Wipe

Prep protective skin barrier wipe is made for dermatitis caused by periwound dampness. To best meet your specific needs, prep is available in two different formats. To apply, use a wipe or roll-on. After application, it creates a transparent, permeable film. This shields your skin from irritants like adhesive, pee, and feces.