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For ostomy patients, Adhesive Remover is a skin care product. The skin barrier on ostomy appliances is frequently attached to the region around the stoma using adhesive materials. The skin should clean the old adhesive materials when the ostomy equipment removes. Sometimes mild soap and water are insufficient to completely remove the sticky substance. Riteway Medical carries adhesive removers from the top brands such as Dynarex, Hollister, & many more.


Different Types of Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover Spray

Adhesive remover spray has a silicone-based & alcohol-free formulation. It provides an effective method for removing barriers without the burning sensation brought on by alcohol. An ostomy appliance and the glue that held it in place can be successfully removed with the use of adhesive remover spray.

By weakening the adhesive, it facilitates the removal of a skin barrier as an adhesive remover without adding to the discomfort or sting. The design of the skin barrier spray can is quite useful. Because it can turn at any 360-degree angle to spray all the way around the skin barrier.

Adhesive and Barrier Remover Wipes

The adhesive remover wipes are available in individual packets. Thus, they are ideal for traveling if you discover that you require the portability of an adhesive remover on the road. Wipes are even more convenient because they do not need any additional ingredients. But some of them may contain alcohol, which some people may find irritating to the skin.

Adhesive Tape Remover Pads

To lessen patient pain and discomfort, adhesive tape remover pads assist in removing the obstinate, sticky adhesive tape and tape residue from the skin. Apply a pad to the tape edge to use. These simple-to-use pads are excellent for usage with patients at medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and even doctor’s offices.

After removing an ostomy pouch, it’s crucial to thoroughly wash any remaining adhesive remover from the skin with soap and water. Then, the skin must completely dry before applying the new pouching system. Avoid using any soaps or cleaning products that contain oils, perfumes, or other chemicals. Because these can irritate the skin near or on the stoma and hinder the skin barrier from sticking to the skin.