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Hand and wrist braces can be used for a variety of purposes. For night support or recovery times, you can buy a wrist brace that completely immobilizes the wrist. Or you can buy wrist support to alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms. An alternative is a wrist wrap, which adds compression to a wrist that may have swelling or simply needs more support. Also, a great addition to a first aid bag is finger braces and splints. To lessen the discomfort and swelling by typical finger injuries, several of these finger splints even come with a cold pack. Additionally, they reduce discomfort and stiffness by long-term illnesses like tendinitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Types of Wrist Braces

Wrist Splint with Abducted Thumb

A wrist splint with abducted thumb orthosis is perfect for the symptoms of de Quervain’s Syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, scaphoid injuries, and wrist sprains and strains. Also, it is breathable & has a lightweight cotton lining for patient comfort.

Adjustable Night Wrist Support

The adjustable, comfortable night wrist support braces provide support for your hurt wrists. Innovative cushioning beads lie in the palm of your hand to help keep your hand neutral. Also, the simple slip-on design ensures a comfortable ascent into sleep. To assist your wrists to feel better for the day ahead, include wearing the night wrist support braces in your bedtime routine. Moreover, these sports wrist braces offer injured wrist braces a modest amount of support.

Wrist Splint with Hook and Loop Strap Closure

Single-pull wrist splint hook strap help immobilize the wrist brace after minor sprains or strains. Also, it offers support for carpal tunnel syndrome. For comfort and breathability, it comprises perforated nylon.

Adjustable Wrist Weights

Patented weights with adjustable therapeuticwrist weights include contour foam, wraparound construction, quick-touch fasteners, and extra-strong grommets for convenient storage. Also, the padded flaps offer friction-free comfort and weight security.

D-Ring Wrist Brace

The hard plastic supports of the D-ring wrist brace support adapt to the hand and wrist, providing a closer fit. Also, it protects the wrist as the user recovers from injury. Compression applied to the area can help reduce swelling and inflammation. Moreover, the stiff plastic supports to stop the joint from moving in an abnormal way that could harm it.

Arthritis Wrist Wrap

A wrist wrap for arthritis resembles a glove without fingers. Your wrist is stabilized in a straight and occasionally slightly bent-back position. By putting on wrist wraps, you can reduce pressure on the median nerve. And take a rest from activities that aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pediatric Universal Wrist Stabilizer

An adjustable pediatric universal wrist stabilizer that uses medical compression and balanced support promote healing and pain alleviation. Also, it provides outstanding comfort and breathability due to its performance fabric. This fabric dries quickly and has perforations. Anatomically designed replaceable stays for both left and right-handed applications stabilize the wrist.

Ulnar Fracture Brace

Clamshell-shaped ulnar fracture braces offer superior compression while enabling joint movement above and below the fracture site. Also, it is suitable for the treatment of distal ulnar and mid-shaft fractures.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

For carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains, strains, and following cast removal, a carpal tunnel wrist brace is ideal. For optimal wear and comfort, it comprises sturdy, breathable canvas material. Also, it immobilizes the wrist while allowing complete digit opposition. A wide thumb opening allows for flexibility. Velcro closure makes adjustability simple. Also, it is 8′′ long. Moreover, it is suitable for wrist immobilization, tendonitis, sprains & strains. It is also beneficial for carpal tunnel syndrome, and post-cast recovery.

Adjustable Wrist Stabilizer

The wrist stabilizer brace supports weak or injured wrists and treats carpal tunnel syndrome. In order to keep the thumb and fingers mobile and in their full range of motion, carpal tunnel wrist stabilizers aid to reduce pain and edema. Also, this wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome comprises latex-free material. It includes two side splints, an extra-long 6.5-inch spoon, and two adjustable straps for a tailored fit & offers sturdy support. Moreover, it is airy and light enough to wear both throughout the day and at night.

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