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Thumb splints are beneficial to treat conditions like tendinitis, Gamekeeper’s thumb, injured collateral ligaments, and thumb sprains. Because these can cause swelling and pain in the wrist and thumb. The tendons may get strained through repetitive motions in the hand, wrist, and thumb. Thus, this can lead to tenderness and discomfort from inflamed tissue. If unattended, it may result in loss of motion and irreversible injury. Thumb braces and splints come in a variety from Riteway Medical from various top brands.


Types of Thumb Splints & Braces

To immobilize the thumb, Riteway Medical offers a selection of braces with compression straps or thumb radial stays. When there is a bone fracture or when trying to inhibit movement and ease pain in the thumb joint, this is advantageous.

Wrist-Thumb Support

Wrist-thumb support provides compression therapy to the wrist and along the Saddle Joint. This is where the inflamed tendons are located on the thumb side of the wrist. The breathable material allows for customized compression and support without being too tight or limiting finger flexibility. Moreover, the thumb brace has a second thumb stay that wraps around the thumb joint to maintain it in a neutral posture.

Wrist-Thumb Splint

A palmar and radial stay is beneficial to splint the thumb on a wrist-thumb splint. Also, it has a wider profile and circumferential straps to increase support and compression. Furthermore, for the purpose of immobilizing the thumb, it uses fastening technology with a thumb splint.

Wrist-Thumb Spica Splint

A thumb orthosis refers to a wrist thumb spica splint that uses soft shell support to brace a fractured or injured thumb. Also, it is helpful to speed up the recovery process following thumb surgery. To retain the thumb in place, it has an outside compression strap and a soft foam shell.

Wrist-Hand-Thumb Splint Orthosis

While the thumb spica is a flexible thumb immobilization support, the wrist-hand-thumb splint orthosis is rigid. To limit motion to the wrist and thumb, it comprises a trimmable thermoplastic polymer. Moreover, the specific thumb aperture supports the thumb. This also allows the surrounding fingers to move freely.