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Medical devices refer to shoulder immobilizers or shoulder supports or shoulder braces that help the shoulder area by supporting the joint and muscles through load sharing. A shoulder brace is a type of medical device that supports the shoulder by distributing the weight of the afflicted shoulder’s muscles and the surrounding rotator cuff area over the chest. Various shoulder supports come in a variety of designs based on the situation and the desired immobilization.

Some shoulder braces are simple arm slings, while others are extensive harnesses that completely encircle the shoulder, arm, and torso region. Other supports made particularly for such locations include clavicle and posture braces. Riteway Medical offers a comprehensive selection of highly functional shoulder supports and braces from top brands such as BSN Medical, Advanced Orthopedics, Elasto-Gel, Ovation Medical, & more.


Types of Shoulder Braces

Shoulder Posture Brace

The shoulder posture brace, like the shoulder brace posture control, is a brace with stays and a panel to maintain the shoulders back. For people with scoliosis or when the user has back and neck pain from bad posture when sitting or working at a desk, a posture corrector is useful.

Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer or Stabilizer

When used to treat a dislocated or damaged shoulder or rotator cuff, an arm and shoulder immobilizer or stabilizer keep the shoulder in a fixed position. When the arm is elevated, weak muscles around the joint might hurt and make a clicking noise. This is frequently brought on by the tendon rubbing against the bone.

In order to promote recovery, a shoulder stabilizer brace holds the joint firmly in place. To keep the arm tucked against the body, the sling-style shoulder immobilizer wraps across the opposing shoulder. The elastic shoulder immobilizer is a different type of design. This fixes the shoulder utilizing a torso brace that holds in the elbow and wrist.

Shoulder Compression Brace

A shoulder compression brace promotes blood flow to aid in recovery. Increased blood flow oxygenates the injured tissues, reducing discomfort and swelling. It comprises neoprene material because of its stretchy characteristics. Also, this naturally holds in body heat to warm the tissue. For inserting hot or cold packs, some include built-in compartments. An electrode-connected shoulder brace provides electrical stimulation for pain relief and healing.

Clavicle Brace

In cases of clavicle fracture or harm to the surrounding tissues, clavicle braces immobilize the area around the collarbone. The clavicle support wraps over both sides of the shoulders and forces them back. Thus, this provides the clavicle with a supporting and stable posture while it heals,

Shoulder Sleeve

The difficult-to-treat contoured portions of the shoulder, upper and lower arm, upper chest, and upper back are ideal for shoulder sleeve solutions. For injuries to the left or right, the product is applicable. These are completely flexible and securely fastened in place. Thus, the shoulder device allows the user to conduct a variety of arm movements or exercises while wearing it. Moreover, it is simpler to put on the shoulder sleeves by oneself.