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A rib brace offers compression and support to the broken or bruised ribs to aid in their healing. After an accident or surgery, rib belts stabilize the rib cage and provide gentle support and compression treatment to the rib cage. This allows the ribs to heal properly. High-quality rib belts from Riteway Medical provide compression with the most comfortable fit possible.

Also, the rib belt restricts chest motion and lessens pain in the ribs and chest wall. We provide rib support braces for both men and women in a variety of sizes. We offer an extensive range of rib braces that support the rib cage and help alleviate pain from top manufacturers like Advanced Orthopedics, Mckesson, & DJO Global.


Types of Rib Belts

Rib Belt for Adult (One Size Fits)

An adult rib belt is an orthopedic wear useful to compress and support the rib cage in cases of fractures and rib cage strains. In order to be most effective, the low-profile, white material is recommended to be worn over bare skin or underwear. The contact closure on the 6-inch rib belt allows for simple adjustment, proper support, and protection. Also, this secures posture without bunching, slipping, or rolling down. The breathable, elastic, and pile/foam materials combine to create a balanced solution of compression, support and cushioning. This provides long-lasting comfort, stabilization, and protection of wounded ribs.

Rib Belt for Female (One Size Fits)

Rib belts for females aid in providing secure support for rib fractures and rib cage strains. They have a pile/foam composition with a 6′′ elastic waist. Also, it has a contact closure and is available in a universal size. One size fits all; a long hook and loop clasp improves fit for a variety of sizes. Moreover, women’s elastic rib belts also aid in stabilizing rib and sternum fractures. This also gives surgical incisions compressive support. Furthermore, this rib belt has a contact fastening and a single 6-inch breathable panel.

Universal Rib Belt

Scientifically designed universal rib belt supports hasten to heal and shorten recovery times for the body. Also, the meticulous design of the rib belt support guards the body while delivering exceptional comfort and support. Moreover, the female belt reduces chest expansion through compression, stabilizing fractures of the sternum and ribs. The female version contours around the bust line for enhanced comfort while the male version has a straight belt.