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Orthopedic support is provided via knee supports and knee braces for daily use or rehabilitation. There are various designs of these support braces, each with a distinct function. Choose from orthopedic items including immobilizers, support straps, compression supports, and hinged knee braces. It’s critical to select a knee brace that is appropriate for your particular degree of exercise. Thus, use a support strap or knit brace if you are active and require knee support that will move with you without restricting you.

Try a hinged knee brace if you want something that will bend when you walk but yet totally immobilize the knee. Furthermore, try using compression support if you need something to warm sore joints and reduce slight edema. Consult your doctor to determine which orthopedic devices are best for you as immobilizers are suitable for following injuries, when sleeping, and for other specialized uses.


Types of Knee Braces & Knee Supports

Knee Brace with D-Rings

Patello femoral (knee cap) abnormalities are supported and protected by a knee brace with D-rings. It is perfect for regular activity. A horseshoe buttress, which is sewn into the kneecap for additional patellar support, cradles the kneecap to lessen pain & stop kneecap movement. Also, it promotes overall knee injury rehabilitation.

Knee Immobilizer with Elastic Contact Strap

The knee immobilizer is the best orthopedic option for knee joint immobilization. Stability is provided by rigid posterior stays and movable medial/lateral stays. For the best fit, the posterior stays have a dual contour & an i-beam design. Also, it includes movable medial/lateral double stay casings.

Open Patella Support Knee Brace

Through balanced knee support, balanced warmth, and medical compression, an adjustable knee brace with hook strap support and an open patella promotes healing and pain alleviation. Also, it provides outstanding comfort and breathability due to the great fabric that dries quickly and has perforations. Moreover, with a wrap-around design, it aids ease of application for hurting knees. No matter the activity, it also modifies the level of support for comfort.

Slip-On Knee Brace

With a cozy and supportive slip-on knee brace, you can stay active and comfortable. This knee support sleeve has flexibility and stability to assist lessens the pain and discomfort related to an accident, injuries, and repetitive stressors. You can put on these comfortable knee braces to provide support, shield the knee area from harm, or lessen swelling. Moreover, this knee support sleeve is lightweight and cozy and offers support for mild injuries.

Hinged Knee Brace

After ligament or meniscus injuries, a hinged knee brace sleeve supports, stabilizes, and compresses the knee joint. For mild to moderate ligament joint pain, sprains, and strains of the patella ligaments, these sports knee support braces are beneficial.

Arthritis Care Knee Support

Unique ceramic fibers used in the arthritis care knee support absorb and reflect body heat to provide comforting warmth and pain relief. The four-way stretch of the knee support offers gentle, pleasant compression to lessen swelling for increased mobility. For a quicker return to everyday activities, therapeutic heat encourages circulation. Moreover, it works well for painful knee joint arthritis.

ACL Knee Brace

ACL knee brace with lightweight, strong structure and lining comprises durable, soft material for maximum comfort and support. Also, this brace is ideal for active patients who require more support while recovering because of the user-friendly ROM hinge, which enables patients to rapidly and simply modify the necessary range of flexion and extension.