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To stop hernias from getting worse and to help the body heal, you can use hernia belts and trusses. Hernias can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous. They happen due to muscle weakness, strain, or a number of other problems. Sometimes doctors will advise having the hernia surgically reduce or remove, in which case it is typically advisable to wear a suitable hernia support belt or truss. Trusses, suspensory devices, hernia belts, hernia briefs, sacroiliac belts, and sports briefs are examples of hernia supports. Riteway Medical carries a good selection of hernia supports from Advanced Orthopedics, Bell-Horn, & Medline.


Hernia Belts Available at Riteway Medical

Athletic Supporter with Elastic Waistband for Adult

Adult athletes can enjoy steady, comfortable assistance while participating in sports and other activities with the help of athletic hernia supporters. Also, it lessens tension wide, cozy leg straps and a waistline hold the supporter in place without bunching, slipping, or curling. Moreover, the soft knit pouch provides the most comfort and support possible.

CURAD Hernia Belts

The curad tiny hernia belts help weak parts of the body and have a flexible construction. Also, you can wear this hernia support belt with both adjustable pads for a double hernia. It maintains an inguinal hernia or break-in reduction. Furthermore, the leg straps and waistline of the hernia support brace are both easily attachable and adjustable with hook-and-loop tape.

Inguinal Hernia Belts

A hernia belt support aids in reducing the pain and discomfort associated with hernia bulging by putting resistive pressure on the area. Left and right foam padding on inguinal hernia belts is adjustable and detachable. Also, single or double inguinal hernias can be supported with hernia belts. These are discrete, simple to use under clothing, and effective.

Based on a doctor’s advice, pick a support hernia belt. Also, pay close attention to how, when, and how long they recommend wearing it. Wearing a hernia belt or truss that is suitable for you will help prevent hernias from both growing and getting worse already present. Also, to fit the person or the particular portion of the body, they often come in a range of sizes and shapes. Never put off visiting a doctor for a checkup if a hernia is suspected. Moreover, you should also acquire the right care and healing tools.