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Products for caring for the feet and heels are a great approach to treating and managing conditions that affect the feet and heels. Injuries, deformities, and physical ailments can all affect the foot’s ability to function normally or create pain. Therefore, for effective and comfortable standing, walking, or running, the heel is crucial. Improper gait, reduced mobility, and other issues can arise from heel or foot dysfunction. Riteway Medical offers a wide variety of heel and foot care products to treat a variety of ailments that have an impact on them.


Foot Care and Heel Supplies Available at Riteway Medical

Products for caring for heels and feet are categorized according to the ailments they are used for and their specific characteristics. They consist of:

Arch Supports

The purpose of arch supports is to support the bottom of the foot. They are put inside a shoe so that their molded form fits the foot’s arch. Also, these ease muscle tension when moving or standing.

Heel Cups

The heel cups absorb stress and lessen pressure on the heel. Also, they are simple to slide into shoes and put on to reduce discomfort from standing, walking, or running. Moreover, they provide relief from back, ankle, foot, and arch pain.

Toe separators

To stop the big and second toes from rubbing, you can wear toe spacers. In order to reduce pressure on bunions, the bunion toe spacer helps correct and straighten the big toe. To relax and soften skin, an exclusive soft gel toe spacer releases mineral oil.

Bunion Relief Sleeve

To shield your foot from friction and pressure from shoes, use a bunion relief sleeve. The Gel positions consistently, pleasantly, and without adhesives thanks to the soft and stretchy fabric sleeve. The finest footwear to wear with its 1/8-inch thickness is roomy footwear. You can use it on either the left or right foot. Small accommodates feet with an average breadth and shoe sizes 6 to 9. Large fits large feet and shoe sizes 9 and up.

Heel Pillows

Decubitus ulcers are manageable with heel pillows. They offer excellent support and comfort. Because they comprise tough polyester fiberfill. Also, these pillows are comfy and secure and ease the strain on feet, heels, and ankles in a wheelchair or bed.

Heel Protectors

To assist shield the heel from skin deterioration, pressure, shear, and friction, heel protectors come in a variety of designs and are well-breathable. Moreover, they serve as protective equipment for the elbow and heel. Because they comprise a strong yet pleasant material.

Heel Cushions and Pads

Leg length discrepancies, heel spurs, and other clinical disorders brought on by foot or heel abnormalities can be treated with heel cushions and pads. Furthermore, with optimal foot comfort, they assist in restoring natural shape, muscular tone, and systemic function.

Corn Protectors

Gel corn guards shield corn from friction and pressure from shoes. A special gel releases mineral oil and vitamin E to soothe painful corns. Shoes are more comfortable and stay in place without adhesives thanks to foam corn protection. For several weeks, you can wash & reuse foam corn protection.

Foot Care Insoles

Foot care insoles are clinically created for excellence and support. Also, these improve shock absorption and dissipation while continuously cushioning. Moreover, these are ideal for all-day protection to ease discomfort and exhaustion in the lower back, feet, knees, hips, and other joints

For a variety of ailments and injuries that impact the foot and heel, Riteway Medical carries a large selection of heel and foot care items at affordable prices.