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Cervical collars offer handy at-home pain treatment. Workers in desk occupations, in particular, are more likely to get persistent neck and back pain by sitting incorrectly for long periods of time in front of a computer. The simple solution to loose, stiff necks and lower back pain is cervical traction. You can use a neck stretching gadget at home conveniently. Riteway Medical offers a range of collars that target the cervical spine which begins at the base of the head and ends at the shoulders. Also, this combination reduces pain while enhancing blood flow to nearby tissue to promote healing and the reduction of inflammation. Moreover, the cervical collars provide an alternative to surgery and prescription medication to address this problem.


Types of Cervical Collars

The various tools that are available can be suitable for physical therapy in the home or in a professional setting. With cervical collars, people can have comfort in their own homes as they ease pain and stress. The design possibilities as mentioned below in further detail to aid individuals in choosing their preferred traction employment technique:

Cervical Collar with Hook and Loop Strap Closure

The use of a cervical collar with a strap closure enhances patient care while reducing costs, time, and storage needs. It includes Aspen’s tried-and-true cotton-lined pads that lessen patient touch points in the occipital region. Also, it supports optimal skin care. Moreover, this cervical collar is six collars in one thanks to its cutting-edge height adjusting technology.

Orthopaedics Philadelphia Cervical Collar

Orthopedics Philadelphia cervical collar offers firm immobilization, making it perfect for use in an emergency. The cervical spine is somewhat hyperextended and rotation is decreased. Also, any patient can have it customized by molding and shaping it. It comprises a thin, closed-cell foam material. Moreover, the velcro clasp makes it simple to apply and remove clothing.

Universal Cervical Collar

An all-purpose Universal Cervical collar supports the neck as it heals from trauma and sprains. There is the usage of firm foam to make this brace offers a snug fit for the best neck support. Also, it comes in three sizes that fit different-sized necks. Moreover, a foam collar with a medium density offers reliable fit and support. It accommodates neck sizes from small to large.

Orthopaedics Premium Cervical Collar

Orthopedics premium cervical collar hastens to heal and shortens recovery times for the body. Also, it offers better comfort and support & protects the body from harm. It also aids in the treatment of whiplash, herniated cervical discs, and other minor neck ailments. Moreover, to ensure exceptional quality and longevity, this comprises only the highest grade materials.

Soft Foam Cervical Collar

Soft foam cervical collars offer firm, pleasant support that relieves neck pain and adds additional support. Also, this foam neck collar has a handy hook and loop fastening that makes it easy to customize the collar for a comfortable fit. Moreover, this collar comprises polyfoam for optimum support below a soft, porous cotton layer for comfort.

Cervical Traction Pillow

You can position a cervical pillow or wedge below the neck to provide traction and adjust the cervical spine. It establishes optimal neck posture and increases comfort during therapy. Thus, this product is typically useful in conjunction with a cervical traction therapy device.