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The controlled ankle motion (CAM) walker boot is a type of medical or orthopedic boot. It is beneficial to restrict the range of motion in the ankle and foot. A walking boot is also crucial because weight-bearing movement is permitted while the foot or ankle heals. Ambulation is strongly advisable during the healing process. Because it keeps the blood flowing through the foot. It also helps provide blood and oxygen to the wounded tissues for quicker healing. You can find a variety of CAM walker boots at Riteway Medical from top brands such as Mckesson, Swedeo, Advanced Orthopedics, & more.


Best Types of Cam Walker Boots That Offer Comfort & Stability

CAM Walker Boot with Hook and Loop Closure

Acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries of the lower leg, and stress fractures of the lower leg and ankle are all conditions for which the CAM walker boot with hook and loop closure is beneficial. Also, it is useful at the time for stable fractures of the foot and ankle, stable delayed union or non-union fractures of the distal tibia and fibula, and Achilles tendon repairs.

Pediatric Boot

Pediatric boots are beneficial to reduce recovery time and speed up healing. It offers exceptional comfort and support while safeguarding the body. To ensure exceptional quality and longevity, only the highest-grade materials are utilized. Moreover, it is useful for post-operative stabilization, stable fractures, grade 2 and 3 sprains, and soft tissue injuries.

Low Profile Cam Walker

Lightweight low profile air walker boots are available for patient comfort. Also, its heel has a pad that absorbs pressure. Its rocker bottom design promotes a natural gait. Either the left or right sides fit. It is suitable for fractures, sprains of grades 2 and 3, and soft tissue injuries. The low height is suitable for post-operative foot operations and less serious injuries like stress fractures.

Tall Walking Boot

A tall walking boot may assist keep the ankle immobile. For severe ankle sprains, stable ankle fractures, post-surgery, and post-cast recuperation, walker shoes are suitable. According to studies, carrying weight on a stable injury speeds up healing and allows the patient to resume normal activity. Moreover, orthopedic walking boots with a low-profile heel and non-slip rocker bottom encourage natural movement. When wearing a walker boot or walker shoe, you feel comfortable. A heel cushion and insole comprise shock-absorbing closed-cell foam that diffuses and absorbs the force of walking heel strikes. Furthermore, a luxury foam liner offers comfort, and the wide footbed of a walker shoe increases stability. This allows for edema and bandages.

Night Splint

The use of a night splint while sleeping maintains the foot in a neutral position. Also, it reduces morning pain and discomfort brought on by plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Other circumstances where the stability of the ankle in a neutral position is required may also call for its use. Also, the night splint works by stretching toes upward to promote a range of motion. Contoured to fit along the shin and top of the foot, the support comprises sturdy plastic. Moreover, the foot loop of the splint slides in to make it simple to put it on and fasten the two contact-closure straps. The open-heel design, which is held with contact closures at the calf and foot, enables short, secure walking when necessary, although not advised for daily walking.