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To reduce movement at the arm and shoulder when recovering from an accident, wear an arm sling to keep the arm tightly against the body. Additionally, restricting movement eases discomfort and promotes recovery. Following surgery or in cases of sprain, dislocation, or muscle tears, an arm support is necessary. When a patient is recovering from a rotator cuff injury or surgery, a sling-like shoulder immobilizer isolates the shoulder ligaments.

To add support and lessen fatigue, you can also wear it while wearing a cast. Also, there is the usage of mesh and polyester-cotton blend fabrics, among other breathable materials, to make arm slings. It is generically sized due to the adjustable shoulder strap. You can attach this with either a shoulder strap buckle or a hook-and-loop fastening to get the right fit.


Types of Arm Slings

Arm Sling with Hook and Loop Strap

Comfortable cotton/poly arm sling hook loop envelope with arm sling with hook and loop strap. It comes to six per box. Moreover, it is perfect for injuries to the arm, wrist, or hand, as well as cast support.

Arm support with Clip Buckle Closure

An arm, shoulder, wrist, or hand injury may need the usage of an arm sling with a clip buckle closure. They have a large envelope to support the arm. Also, it has a shoulder strap with a clip clasp closing for better fit and control. Moreover, there are various sizes of arm slings, including a universal size.

Arm Sling with Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer

Scientifically designed arm slings with swathe shoulder immobilizers hasten to heal and shorten recovery time for the body. This shoulder brace offers exceptional comfort and support while safeguarding the body. Moreover, it safely places the arm in close proximity to the body to immobilize it. If there is no need for a swathe, you can use this immobilizer as an arm sling.

Arm Sling with Padded Shoulder Strap

During the healing process, keep your injuries safe and secure with the arm sling with a padded shoulder strap. This equipment prevents motion until sprains or fractured bones have healed completely. Moreover, this shoulder arm sling restricts movement. It also offers general support to help weary or damaged arms and elbows heal faster. Additionally, it aids in stabilizing the arm to ease discomfort and avoid re-injury. This product is latex- and neoprene-free. You can use it on either the right or left arm.

Adjustable Arm Sling

An adjustable arm sling helps by maintaining the best position for your arm. An adjustable, padded shoulder strap offers a cozy, custom fit, and a thumbhole loop secures your hand. Moreover, the adjustable arm support, which has a practical buckle at the strap that is simple to operate with one hand. This enables you to go about your day in comfort while working best.

Riteway Medical carries a variety of arm slings from the best brands such as DJO Global, and Advanced Orthopedics, Bell-Horn, Drive Medical, Mckesson, Muller Sports Medicine, & 3M. You can select from adult arm slings, kid’s arms slings, and arm supports for shoulders. It is also referred to as shoulder immobilizers.