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To strengthen strained, sprained, or injured lower legs, use foot braces, ankle supports, and ankle braces. Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking solutions are common in ankle supports. Some foot supports and ankle braces trap heat for your comfort and to help your injury heal faster. A wide variety of foot braces and ankle supports are available from reputable brands like 3M, Skil-Care, Ovation Medical, BSN Medical, Dr. Comfort, Mckesson, MuellerSports Medicine, and more at Riteway Medical.


Types of Ankle Braces

Lace-Up Ankle Brace

With an adjustable lace-up ankle strap for rollover prevention, a lace-up ankle brace offers strong ankle support. Moreover, an ankle brace with laces offers the ideal amount of compression and support for sprained ankles. It conveniently fits inside all styles of shoes. Also, it offers protection appropriate for both therapeutic and athletic use.

Pull-On Elastic Ankle Support

Pull-on elastic ankle support comprises cotton elastic ankle support with a pull-on design that is strong and breathable. It has a pull-on style with an open-heel design for light support and compression. Furthermore, it is ideal for osteoarthritis, edema, and mild ankle sprains and strains.

Adjustable Ankle Support

Through supported regulated warmth and therapeutic compression, adjustable ankle support promotes healing and pain alleviation. Also, it provides outstanding comfort and breathability. Because of the performance fabric that dries quickly and has perforations. Enjoy your sport as it supports pain relief and healing with balanced warmth and medical compression.

Wrap-Around Ankle Support

The balanced warmth and medical compression with the use of wrap-around ankle support promote healing and pain relief. With a ventilated elastic strap design, it offers greater comfort and good breathability. Also, it adjusts the degree of support for comfort, regardless of the activity.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support

A foot arch support for plantar fasciitis reduces pain from bone spurs. By continually supporting the foot’s arch and applying upward compression to the plantar fascia. Also, you can adjust two wraparound hook-and-loop straps that provide a flexible fit. You can wear this foot support inside any shoe, either over or under socks. Furthermore, the foot arch support neoprene blend offers a soft, comfortable feel and lightweight compression.

Therapeutic Foot Arch Support

Plantar fasciitis-related arch pain can make it difficult for you to accumulate miles and even to take pleasure in routine activities. The therapeutic arch support delivers comfortable compression with elastic, breathable fabrics. Moreover, it is adaptable support with detachable inserts. It is flexible and comfortable, and you can wear it with or without shoes. Also, take preventative measures with therapeutic arch supports.

Compression Ankle Support

A compression ankle support brace provides correct fit and comfort while giving you the maximum amount of support you require. It is beneficial for common injuries like sprains and strains. Whether your court is in a gym, these ankle braces constructed from cozy, heat-retaining neoprene adapt to give ankle compression.

Heel Float Protector with Hook and Loop Strap

A soft foam heel-off loading float boot refers to the heel protector float that offers additional comfort features like a shear-resistant comfortable cloth inside cover and a cooling gel pack. Moreover, it creates zero pressure by floating the heel over an air pocket. It also promotes airflow to speed the recovery of existing ulcers. Furthermore, the heel float has an insert comprising water-based gel. This relieves pressure on the ankle while the anti-foot-drop design prevents dorsal flexion.