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Belly binders, also referred to as abdominal binders, provide a variety of supporting roles, primarily providing abdominal support following surgery. There are many different lengths and designs available when you require lower sacral reinforcement, rib compression, or full abdominal support. Riteway Medical offers a one-stop shop for belly binders for weight reduction to slim the waist in addition to post-op support. Moreover, we also offer a postpartum belly binder, also refers as a c-section binder. These provide supportive compression after birth. In order to alleviate pain in the third trimester, pregnant women choose to wear a belly binder when the weight of the growing baby starts to strain the lower back and abdominal muscles.


Types of Abdominal Binders

Full Abdominal Binders

Full abdominal binders make a belly binder wrap that is the full length. Most brands employ elastic fabric to give comfortable compression and support while allowing movement. Moreover, the optimal tummy tuck binder uses compression to hold in the surgery region and oxygenate the muscles to speed healing. It is also useful for post-operative procedures. These include spinal surgery, hysterectomy, c-sections, and bariatric surgery.

Rib Binders

In the event that a patient has a broken sternum or rib, this rib belt is wrapped around the ribcage. For simple tightening and removal, it fastens with a hook and loop closure. Furthermore, during healing, compression and support assist in reducing inflammation and reducing discomfort.

Sacral Support

Sacral support support the lower abdomen, sacrum, and pelvis. A trocator belt is another name for it. Also, it is useful to treat injuries and spinal surgery-related pain and inflammation. A hook and loop fastener makes it simple to alter the position of this trochanter belt when compression is raised or decreased during the healing process.

Maternity Belts

Maternity belts in order to relieve pressure on the round ligaments and ease pain, belly bands help spread the weight of the baby around the back and abdomen. Also, utilize clothes or support bands. An apron belly can be covered by wearing supportive garments or a support band. Additionally, it can lessen back issues brought on by bearing extra weight in the front of the body. And help avoid further skin sagging. The general advice is that avoid wearing belly belts continuously throughout the day. It is advisable to only wear it for two to three hours per day.

Abdominal Binders are available at Riteway Medical from reputable suppliers such as Advanced Orthopaedics, Bell-Horn, BSN Medical, Mckesson, Medline, and Mueller Sports Medicine.