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The most critical factor is the individual utilizing the wheelchair. In contrast to pediatric wheelchairs, which are exclusively for children, power wheelchairs are the best choice for someone who is unable to move independently otherwise. Bariatric wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, premium wheelchairs, and budget wheelchairs are all available from So whoever uses the wheelchair can retain their quality of life. It’s crucial to comprehend the many wheelchair varieties and their functions. So that you choose the one that will best serve your unique needs. At, there are various types of wheelchairs available from the top brands such as Drive Medical, Carex, Invacare, Mckesson, Medline, Nova, & Vive Health.


Here are the Types of Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs or just electric wheelchairs are common names for motorized wheelchairs. They are essentially motorized chairs on wheels that run on batteries. These conveyances comprise a motor, battery, chair, controller, and wheels. Also, they make it easier for patients with limited mobility to get around wherever they need to go.

Lightweight Wheelchair

The lightweight wheelchairs with elevating leg rests are available at Riteway Medical at reasonable prices. Front and rear precision sealed wheel bearings guarantee dependable, long-lasting performance. Moreover, the new frame design does away with seat guides. And enables personalized backs and accessories.

We also have a lightweight wheelchair with flip-back desk-length arms and detachable leg rests padded. The new frame form eliminates seat guides. Also, it enables custom backs and adds 8 inches to the seat width to achieve wheel-to-wheel width.

Transport Wheelchair

The transport wheelchair provides comfort. This chair has movable footrests, making it very adaptable. Moreover, it has a sturdy metal frame that can support up to 300 lbs. with ease. Transport an adult patient or a loved one securely in a transport chair. Also, it has a spacious seat and there are padded back and armrests.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Patients who have trouble walking due to disease, accident, or handicap should use a heavy-duty wheelchair. Also, this kind of wheelchair improves mobility, fosters patient independence, and raises the overall quality of life. Moreover, this wheelchair offers long-lasting performance and comfort thanks to its sturdy structure. There are simple footrest adjustments, and light, easy-to-clean fabric.

For many people who are bound to wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs offer increased mobility. Bariatric patients with extra-large wheelchairs increase their mobility and enhance their quality of life. Furthermore, this tough material supports weight capabilities of up to 400 to 500 pounds and has a larger platform.

Basic Wheelchair

For your mobility requirements, basic wheelchair are wheelchairs fit for a hospital. These wheelchairs travel effortlessly and smoothly. Because they are strong, comfortable, and lasting. To allow for extended periods of sitting, the upholstery of these common wheelchairs has been particularly created.