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Wheelchair accessories are additional things that increase accessibility and mobility while also encouraging user flexibility. Superior comfort and support are created by using these items. We at Riteway Medical offer a wide range of accessories to make using a wheelchair the simplest and most comfortable experience possible. Because no two people use wheelchairs exactly the same way. So, visit our extensive variety of wheelchair accessories today to improve your freedom, comfort, and safety. At, you can find various wheelchair accessories from the top brands such as Drive Medical, Essential Medical Supply, Invacare, Live Health Smart, Mckesson, Rose Medical, & Skil-care.


Best Wheelchair Accessories

Leg Lifter

A leg lifter is simple to lift the lower leg onto any surface with a leg lifter strap. Also, a nylon wrap covering a flexible medical component on these chair leg lifts allows for unlimited bending.

Mobility bag

Mobility bags do so much more than just holding your personal belongings and necessities. Moreover, they also represent your unique style. It works well with wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, and walkers.

Wheelchair Seat Belt

An auto-style or hook-and-loop wheelchair seat belt offers users security and safety while they are in the wheelchair. Also, these wheelchair belts with auto buckles are wraparound like seat belts in cars. For convenience, these belts have an automatic press-to-release buckle.

Leg Rest with Calf Pads

There are two types of wheelchair elevating leg rests available at These are aluminum elevating leg rests and wheelchair elevating footrests, depending on your preference. The calf pads comprise thick & cushioned foam with excellent resistance. So, these give the calves complete support when lifted. People like the clean, shiny finish of the aluminum design option over the composite finish. This also has a clean appearance but offers more grip.

Quilted Pouch For Wheelchairs

You can quickly and easily attach a quilted pouch to wheelchairs and regular walkers. With two small back pouches and a huge front bag, this pouch is perfect for holding magazines, wallets, purses, and other items. Moreover, it comes in two fashionable patterns. It comprises soft & quilted material. The hook and loop straps on this quilted walker bag will provide a tight fit.