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Walker accessories are add-ons that improve the functioning of a regular walker. You can find mobility aids accessories from the top manufacturers at You can use these goods to supplement your routines and habits based on your individual needs. For instance, you can add wheels or walker glides to your existing mobility aids. These make it easier if you have trouble lifting a walker. However, walker accessories have additional purposes outside merely making mobility easier, like providing a place to eat.


In fact, if you want a place to dine and keep drinks while seated on a chair or couch, you can order a walker tray. Browse our extensive assortment of walker accessories right now to improve your experience using your walker. We provide everything you need to make living with your mobility assistance easier, whether you need a walker tray, walker basket, walker glides, or walker wheels.

Here are the Best Walker Accessories

Mobility Wristlet

Mobility wristlets are undoubtedly a fun accessory! The mobility bags do so much more than just hold your personal belongings and necessities. At Riteway Medical, you will discover more styles, fashions, and amazing designs. Moreover, it works well with wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and walkers.

Universal Walker Wheels

The universal walker wheels come with two sets of rear glides and caster wheels. Moreover, most walkers can roll over uneven ground simply and smoothly due to their rubber wheels. They include rear glide caps with coverings that enable usage on any surface.

Walker Carpet Glide Caps

For indoor use, walker carpet glide caps are excellent. It features rear tips that slip over. All 1-inch shafts will fit the glide cap. Also, the rubber tip of the walker glide caps fits securely over the current walker leg. This includes sturdy & high-quality plastic for prolonged use. Furthermore, they do not even pick up dirt or germs from the ground.

Flashlight for Walkers

Most walkers, wheelchairs, and transfer chairs equip with an extra bright flashlight. There is no need for any tool; you just need 3 AAA batteries.

Walker Glide Tips

Walker glide tips are beneficial to use on walkers with front-wheel attachments. To increase walker mobility, these tips swap out the outdated rear walker tips. When utilized with front wheels, it enables fluid & effortless walking.

Basket for Walker

A walker basket is an easy method to keep your belongings secure while using your walker. They keep you pain-free and independent. They are terrible for carrying things, though. For your convenience, the basket connects quickly and securely to 1″ walkers or rollators. Additionally, it has a plastic tray insert with a cup holder and a bin to keep stray items. This basket is useful for those who use walkers because it is lightweight and simple.

Universal Cup Holder

When using a walker, rollator, or wheelchair, users can safely handle cups or cans while remaining hands-free. The cup holder has a detachable clamp insert comprised of sturdy, lightweight plastic that can accommodate tubing of various sizes. Moreover, its two-slotted design allows for cup handles. Also, these can be used by those who are left- or right-handed.

Hanging Walker Pouch

An excellent method to keep your stuff organized and carry them with you wherever you go is with a hanging walker pouch. Also, this walker bag has three smaller exterior pockets in addition to a huge zipped pouch with room for any item. With its adaptable Velcro straps and key ring, this walker bag attaches to any walker or rollator.

Walker Skis

Any folding walker must have walker skis. To enable the walker to easily glide over surfaces, door jams, and other terrains, they attach simply to the back legs. Tennis balls and other glide materials are far less durable than these tough plastic skis. Moreover, they also do not track or gather dirt and germs from the ground as tennis balls do.

Tray for Folding Walker

Food and many other objects can be readily transported with a folding walker tray. The Tray is the ideal addition to your folding walkers. Moreover, it has cup holders to stop spills and lets you transport things from room to room. When not in use, it folds down and is simple to install. Transporting food, beverages, and personal things is made easy with this folding walker accessory.