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Transport chairs are upholstered chairs with four wheels attached. You can easily transfer mobility patients from one place to another in these wheeled seats. These mobility aids refer to transport wheelchairs or companion chairs. Also, these can aid in lowering the risk of patient falls. These tools help transfer patients with mobility issues around the house or care facility. They are frequently utilized by hospitals to transport patients between clinics. For discharge and release, hospital transfer chairs are frequently available for escorting patients to the front entrance. You can find the transport chairs at from the best brands such as Drive Medical, Mckesson, Nova, & Rose Medical.


Types of Transport Chairs

Aluminum Transport Chair

These compact aluminum transport chairs require less effort from caretakers to move. Also, these devices are almost as sturdy as the steel due to advancements in aluminum fabrication. To make heavy-duty versions lighter and easier to handle, several brands are now using aluminum. Moreover, many of these models include desk-length arms and handbrakes. These are useful for desk or table seating. This style of transfer chair with movable arms is very simple to locate.

Lightweight Transport Chairs

The lightweight transport chairs are usually portable, quick, and easy to use. Also, they are among the options that are the lightest. Their style is appealing and “sporty.” Moreover, to make getting in and out easier, the armrests flip up. They are simple to handle and push.

Heavy-Duty Transport Chairs

The bariatric transport chair is beneficial to carry people who weigh more than 400 pounds. For strength, steel is most frequently used in their construction. However, some models also employ aluminum. They frequently have bigger wheels, especially in the back, and more support. For a smoother ride, the wheels frequently have flat-free tires. Furthermore, many heavy-duty transport chairs have handbrakes. For simpler entry and exit, armrests frequently flip up or are detachable.

Transport Chair with Fixed Arms

The 17-inch lightweight transport chair has padded fabric and a thin metal frame. Moreover, this mobility aid is foldable and includes padded fixed full-length arms. So, this increases comfort in addition to a rapid release fold-down back. There are also locking rear wheels on this folding transport chair with fixed arms.