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Lift chair recliners are a significant mobility device for people who need assistance standing up from a seated posture due to weak hip and knee joints. There are several lifting recliner chair designs, as well as a number of useful choices made with the user’s safety in mind. Moreover, they can suit various body kinds and sizes. There are several solutions to help someone securely get up and stand from any sitting position. So, these range from heavy-duty, leather to electric lift chairs with relaxation and warmth. These lift chairs are available at from well-known brands such as Pride Mobility.


Types of Lift Chairs Available at Riteway Medical

2-Position Lift Chairs

A single motor in the 2-position lift chair simultaneously elevates the leg rest and reclines the backrest. Moreover, reading or watching TV is comfortable at an angle of reclines of around 15 degrees. The chair is in a sitting position when it’s not reclined. Also, the motor raises the seat up and at an angle so that the user may get up to stand. It is also referred to as a wall-saver lift chair. Because it would not collapse to a resting position against a wall, preventing damage.

3-Position Lift Chairs

The third position of the 3-position motorized rising recliners is at a 45-degree elevation from the sitting position. In order to support the lower limbs, the leg rest also rises. With this new feature, the user can nearly recline to sleep or rest as desired. Moreover, there are 1-motor and 2-motor variations of the design. The two motor options provide the user additional freedom to individually adjust the backrest. Also, there is a leg rest for a more precise setting.

Lay Flat Position Lift Chairs

Lift recliners with a lay-flat position encourage sleeping. From the raising posture to sitting and to a flat resting position, you can adjust it. Moreover, these lift chairs for the elderly can also recline in two or three positions.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

For extended durations of sitting, resting, or sleeping, the infinite position option is the best choice. Starting in an upright seating position, it may change to any position in between, including entirely laying down. Moreover, the user of this multi-positional chair has an infinite number of options for positioning to obtain the ideal comfort level.

Heavy-Duty Lift Chairs

In addition to being more comfortable and supportive, wider lift recliners are preferable. Because they provide more space and plush padding. This makes them ideal for bariatric patients. Moreover, these heavy-duty lift chairs comprise strong, mostly steel-based materials. It can handle heavier users because of its sturdy design.