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During ankle or foot therapy, a knee walker is beneficial to give individuals independence when moving around. As it does not place as much pressure or pain on the armpits as a standard walking crutch, it’s a more comfortable option. This type of walker can be moved with little physical effort. Moreover, you can choose from a selection of three-wheeled rolling knee walkers or four-wheeled rolling knee walkers. Also, you can choose a platform crutch that adapts to the leg for hands-free mobility.


In order to prevent hunching over throughout the rehabilitation process from harming the back and neck, the adjustable knee platform maintains a normal posture. Furthermore, knee crutches also provide support for the injury and free up the hands for increased mobility. These also enable the users to carry on with daily tasks without risking imbalance or reinjury.

Knee Walkers Options

Basic Knee Walker

Wheels are a standard feature of knee walker frames to maintain movement during healing. So, the basic form is only a simple bar with access to a universal handbrake.

All Terrain Knee walker

You can choose all-terrain knee walker with 4-wheel base models with a handlebar to improve steering performance. Also, it has a brake for security when traversing long distances both inside and outside. It is safe to ride on carpet, concrete, hard surfaces, and mild soil unless it is an all-terrain type. Moreover, this substitute for crutches grasps either or both knees to take the weight off the injury. The crutch provides hands-free assistance.

Knee Walker with Basket

The knee scooter with basket is a mobility aid for people who have ankle or foot problems. Because this prevents them from bearing weight on that area. The knee walker is a good short- or long-term replacement for crutches, folding walkers, and canes. People who use alternative mobility aids for an extended period of time may develop additional issues like back pain or underarm pain. So, they may benefit from using a mobility walker. Moreover, its handlebars and knee pads have easily adjustable heights to accommodate users of various sizes.

Heavy Duty Knee Walker

Using a heavy-duty knee walker will help you stay active and heal more quickly from a foot or knee injury. Moreover, it has tough wheels, locking hand brakes, and a sturdy frame that can hold up to 450 lbs. This knee walker enables the user to lead a more independent and active lifestyle. So, this will hasten their recuperation.

Knee Scooter Walker

Patients who are unable to bear weight on their foot or ankle but yet wish to be active have enhanced comfort and mobility due to knee scooters walkers. This mobility scooter is ideal for both inside and outdoor use. Because it has four huge wheels and a padded knee platform. Moreover, the metal knee platform’s offset post enables quick, tool-free right-to-left adjustment. For simple storage and transportation, this knee scooter has a simple folding mechanism. So, this collapses using a thumb release lever and fits beneath the raised knee platform. The hand brake, basket, and padded handlebar grips on these mobility scooters are available for your comfort and safety.