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On Riteway Medical, you may find hundreds of specialized mobility aids that can help you be more independent and mobile. We offer a wide assortment of affordable lift aids, mobility scooters, rollators, wheelchairs, and other durable medical equipment like canes, crutches, and walkers. These robust mobility aids can support your body weight. So you may move around more easily when recovering from surgery, an accident, or waning strength.

Moreover, wheelchairs and power scooters improve your mobility even if you have restricted it. Whatever your physical characteristics, there is a wheelchair that can fit you. Furthermore, with the assistance of a caregiver, getting into and out of wheelchairs is easier by lifting devices including lift slings, gait belts, and lift chairs.


Types of Mobility Aids

Knee Walkers

During ankle or foot therapy, a knee walker is beneficial to give individuals independence when moving around. As it does not place as much pressure or pain on the armpits as a standard walking crutch, it’s a more comfortable option. This type of walker can be moved with little physical effort. Moreover, you can choose from a selection of three-wheeled rolling knee walkers or four-wheeled rolling knee walkers.

Lift Chairs

Lift chair recliners are a significant mobility device for people who need assistance standing up from a seated posture due to weak hip and knee joints. There are several lifting recliner chair designs, as well as a number of useful choices made with the user’s safety in mind. Moreover, they can suit various body kinds and sizes. There are several solutions to help someone securely get up and stand from any sitting position. So, these range from heavy-duty, leather to electric lift chairs with relaxation and warmth.


Rollators are walking patients’ mobility aids. Stability and safety are features of these rollators with seats. A rollator walker with a seat differs considerably from a rolling walker with two wheels and two legs or a walker with four legs. Moreover, these assistive devices provide parking brake functionality in addition to safe braking.

Power Scooters

Three-wheeled motor scooters and four-wheeled motor scooters refer to as mobility scooters are created exclusively for people with restricted mobility. These are small, lightweight scooters that also decompose for simple storage and transit. Moreover, these power scooters are excellent for longer routes or road trips. Because they keep people safe and secure all the way through. For storage and transportation, you can also fold portable scooters.

Transport Chairs

Transport chairs are upholstered chairs with four wheels attached. You can easily transfer mobility patients from one place to another in these wheeled seats. These mobility aids often refer as transport wheelchairs or companion chairs. Also, these can aid in lowering the risk of patient falls. These tools help transfer patients with mobility issues around the house or care facility.


Leg Lifter

A leg lifter is simple to lift the lower leg onto any surface with a leg lifter strap. Also, a nylon wrap covering a flexible medical component on these chair leg lifts allows for unlimited bending.

Wheelchair Seat Belt

An auto-style or hook-and-loop wheelchair seat belt offers users security and safety while they are in the wheelchair. Also, these wheelchair belts with auto buckles are wraparound like seat belts in cars. For convenience, these belts have an automatic press-to-release buckle.

Mobility bag

Mobility bags do so much more than just hold your personal belongings and necessities. Moreover, they also represent your unique style. It works well with wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and walkers.

Walker Wheels

Walker wheels with rear glides include two sets of rear glides as well as caster wheels. Most walkers can roll over uneven ground simply and smoothly due to their rubber wheels. Also, they include rear glide caps with coverings that enable usage on any surface.

Flashlight for Walkers & Wheelchairs

Most walkers, wheelchairs, and transfer chairs equip with an extra bright flashlight. There is no need for any tool; you just need 3 AAA batteries.