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Patients seeking intravenous treatment are provided with sharps disposal containers and IV administration. Medication injections into veins are necessary for the IV infusion technique. A needle or a tube refers to as an IV catheter is used to accomplish this. IV catheters are little tubes that are placed into your veins to provide safe medications from your doctor. Moreover, it also administered pharmaceutical doses under control without repeatedly sticking you with a needle.


In order to accommodate various IV needs, offers a variety of IV supplies and extension sets with a variety of components from top manufacturers. IV stands and poles offer additional durability with many wheels and prongs. Furthermore, it allows for simple movement in many kinds of patient care environments.

These also include tops, safety rollers, pole adapters, and more. At low rates, we provide IV administration and sharps containers made by Braun, Kendall, Becton Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson, DeRoyal, and Invacare. With the use of these products, IV therapy may be more comfortable and bearable for the patient.

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IV Catheters

With the help of IV catheters, healthcare professionals can directly inject medications and fluids into veins. Moreover, catheter systems with a cannula and a range of gauge sizes are available in this category.

Blood Collection Products

Medical equipment such as blood collection tubes, blood transfer devices, and blood collection sets are examples of blood collecting products.


Stretchable bands are tourniquets that are useful to collect blood at the point of venipuncture. Also, you can choose from latex-free bands and natural latex rubber tourniquet bands.

IV Start Kits

The medical items to prepare the skin for the central line IV are easily available in an IV start kit. Also, you find the objects in use order arrangement. Pick from a number of kit options that include gloves, bandages, and skin antiseptic.

IV Extension Sets

To provide additional space between the patient and the medication, IV extension sets attach to the patient’s IV catheter. Moreover, extension sets are available in a variety of tubing or bores depending on the flow rate and priming volume.

IV Administration Sets

For the administration of fluids and medications, IV administration sets are comparable to IV extension sets. But in order to maximize infusion therapy, these medical devices work with a pump.

IV Infusion Sets

In order to deliver fluids and medications, IV infusion sets are inserted directly into the vein. Winged infusion sets maintain the needle’s position while the wings follow the shape of the body.

A comprehensive range of medical and intravenous therapy supplies, such as spill IV kits, IV infusion, IV site shields, IV catheters, and more categorizes into IV supplies as well as medical facility supplies. A complete selection of IV supplies for intravenous therapy and infusions is available on All types of IV supplies from reputable IV equipment brands including Braun, Kendall, Becton Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson, DeRoyal, and Invacare, are available at affordable prices.