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Disposable underpads are single-use, moisture-absorbent pads with a waterproof backing. You can place them on a bed and under a person who may have incontinence issues. The underpad’s function is to wick urine away from the user’s skin by absorbing it. And dispersing it far from the user’s skin, deep within the absorbent material. Young children to elderly persons who may develop incontinence may use underpads.


Top Disposable Underpads

Disposable Underpads for Moderate Absorbency

Disposable underpads with moderate absorbency have bonded top sheets. This material is a soft, non-woven fabric to encourage quick fluid absorption. Moreover, the highly absorbent polymer traps away moisture. Also, it lowers urine’s pH for superior odor management and skin wellbeing. When performing routine procedures and treating wounds, they are quite protected.

Air Disposable Underpads

Air disposable underpads keep your bed and furniture dry, decreases odor, and absorb leaking. Moreover, this absorbent pad dries quickly to lessen the effects of moisture on the skin and lower the risk of urine spills or stains. So, this will benefit both those who care for the sick and people who have incontinence needs. For air loss therapy beds, these types of disposable underpads are not advised.

Ultrashield Premium Disposable Underpads

The diamond-embossed mat on ultrashield premium disposable underpads helps to prevent skin irritation. Moreover, these also allow for fast fluid dispersion. Its non-rolled side seals prevent a plastic film from coming into contact with the skin.

Quilted Premium MVP Underpads

To keep patients dry and comfortable, quilted premium MVP disposable underpads combine exceptional absorption with moisture vapor transfer technology. With the aid of Honeycomb Technology, a highly absorbent polymer is encased in each cell for better fluid management. Thus, this results in drier skin, improved skin wellness, and greater patient comfort.

Classic Dry Underpads

The purpose of classic dry underpads is to provide additional protection. Also, these preserve the cleanliness and dryness of the wheelchair, bed, and bedding. Moreover, these classic dry incontinence products are of a super-absorbent material that traps moisture. And also controls urine odor. provides a large selection of disposable underpads or incontinence pads from top manufacturers and suppliers such as Seni, Tena, Tranquility, Attends, Prevail (First Quality), Mckesson, Cardinal, Medline, & Procare.