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Hot and Cold Therapy Products

Hot cold therapy used to treat painful injuries, inflammation or stiffness of arthritic joints. Cold therapy helps to slow the blood flow to the area thereby reducing swelling and inflammation. Heat therapy helps by increasing blood flow which accelerates healing. Some pain or injuries required only heat therapy or cold therapy while there some cases in which alternating heat & cold needed to increase the rate of blood flow to the area to promote healing. Heat therapy needs longer implementation time while cold therapy needed for a limited time.


We provides Hot and Cold Therapy Product, from companies like Carex, TheraWorx, Biofreeze, 3M Nexcare, Bell horn and Mueller which including, ice packs, heating pads, cold therapy, heat packs, electric heating pads, gel therapy. Also, cold spray, neck heating pads, cold gel packs, cold and hot knee wraps. Even more, RiteWay Medical gives discount prices on all Hot and Cold Therapy Products.