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Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment used for physical activity to enhance the strength or conditioning effects of that exercise. Also, fixed amounts of resistance or to otherwise enhance the outcome of an exercise routine. Some products work for your whole body, while others focus on only your lower and upper body. Like, Rehab Exercise Balls help to increase your strength of hands movements. We provide you an exercise machine that’s right for your fitness goals, exercise preferences, and budget.


RiteWay Medical offers wide collection of Exercise Equipment for adult rehab and physical therapy including, floor dial scale, Gait belts, Relaxer, hand-exercise balls, mouth guard, Activity tracker, oxygen meter, pedal exerciser, Resistance bands, foot roller, and heart rate monitor and many more. These Equipment are manufactured by various popular brands like TheraBand, Medline, Essential Medical, Zewa, and Drive Medical. Also, many more which helps strengthen and tone your muscles.