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Exercise equipment is beneficial in physical activity to increase its strength- or conditioning-building effects. Additionally, fixed-resistance levels or other methods improve the results of a workout. While some products target just your lower and upper bodies, others work on your entire body. Rehab exercise balls, for example, can improve your hand strength.

For adult rehab and physical therapy, Riteway Medical offers a large selection of exercise equipment, such as floor dial scales, relaxers, and hand-exercise balls. Moreover, we also carry mouth guards, activity trackers, oxygen meters, pedal exercisers, resistance bands, foot rollers, and heart rate monitors, among other items.


We have these devices from numerous well-known companies, including TheraBand, Mckesson, Essential Medical, DJO Global, Drive Medical, and others. There are many others as well, all of which aid in muscle growth and development. Furthermore, we provide you with a training device that meets your financial needs, exercise preferences, and fitness objectives.

Types of Exercise Equipment

Exercise Balls

The exercise balls are a fantastic way to increase core stability, balance, and strength. To increase control and strength in the area of the core body, these products concentrate on the back and abdominal muscles. Also, they come in a variety of sizes and package options. When not in use, stabilizing feet on these balls prevent the ball from rolling. The medicine balls are somewhat unique. Also, they are beneficial in strength training exercises and are lighter and smaller. These are made to withstand strong impact. The weights of the medicine balls, for instance, range from ten to twenty pounds. Moreover, one can use these medicine balls to boost both speed and strength. When it comes to exercises, medicine balls are incredibly adaptable.

Pedal Exercisers

Pedal exercisers incorporate the advantages of mounted bikes and spin cycles into a more portable, reasonably priced device. For convenience, these pedals fit under a desk or in front of the television. Many of these additionally benefit from being appropriate for upper-body exercise.

Ankle and Wrist Weights

Limb weights are an excellent way to exercise while going about your daily activities. Furthermore, one can use these ankle & wrist weights in exercise programs and workout routines. This is another useful bonus of these weights. To best suit each person’s needs, ankle and wrist weights are available in a range of sizes and weights. All professional adjustable ankle weights contain fabric slots. So, these let the wearer add or remove weights whenever they want.

Resistance Bands

The absolute adaptability of resistance bands and tubing is their greatest advantage. Also, these exercise tools are beneficial in a variety of regimens, although they give the body’s natural movements more resistance. Additionally, resistance bands are available in a variety of resistance levels. Also, these ensure that people of all strength levels get a challenging workout.

Aquatic Exercise Equipment

Aquatic fitness is a type of cardiovascular exercise that offers all the advantages of regular cardiovascular activity while reducing injuries and joint stress. This makes the Aquatic fitness kit an excellent choice for seniors. Moreover, it is also beneficial for those who have joint pain or inflammation.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is ideal for activities that involve posture, balance, and muscular re-education. Moreover, it is also beneficial for spinal stabilization, body awareness, coordination, and stretching and strengthening.

Therapy Putty

The material for resistive hand exercises is therapy putty. The consistency of each color-coded putty varies ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm for strengthening a grip.