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A medical device refers to an enteral feeding pump that regulates the quantity and timing of nutrients given to a patient during enteral feeding. Patients who are unable to eat regularly due to illnesses that interfere with their normal digestion and intake are helped with tube feeding. In these situations, the doctor places a feeding tube into the patient’s digestive system to administer liquid nourishment and medications. Enteral pumps make sure that the body receives the proper amount of liquid at the appropriate times. provides a broad selection of enteral pumps & sets from well-known brands. These include Covidien, Medline, Allegro Medical, Cardinal Health, Dynarex, Kimberly Clark, and Mckesson, among others. Some feeding pumps come with backpack accessories to make them portable.


Enteral feeding pumps are for use with feeding bags. Some of them are only compatible with particular feeding pumps. But others may work with a few different pumps. For people who get their enteral nutrition by intermittent or continuous feeding, there is a set of pump bags. Additionally, it is employed to flush the tube. When a patient has sufficient stomach motility to handle a bolus feed or there is no feeding pump available, enteral feeding gravity sets are useful. So, we provide a comprehensive selection of premium feed bags to protect patients and optimize enteral nutrition.

Types of Enteral Pumps & Sets

Extension Feeding Tube Set

An extension feeding tube set is used as an addition to another gastric feeding device. Also, it includes safety connectors. These may lessen the possibility of an enteral system or IV system being connected by accident to one another. Moreover, it is useful to attach a gastrostomy tube with a button-style to a pump set. So that food, water, and medication can be given.

Gravity Feeding Bag Set

Large bore, 1000 ml, and with a proximal spike enteral feeding gravity bag sets are available at riteway medical. Also, they come in sterile, non-sterile, and DEHP-free varieties as well. If an enteral feeding pump is not available, employ gravity settings.

Enteral Feeding Pump Bag Set

The 500 mL enteral feeding pump bag set has an enfit connecting system with a stepped transitional connector. Also, it features a big top-fill aperture with a leakproof cap. It also includes an integrated hanger and a revolutionary in-line occluder for free-flow protection. This reduces formula spills and waste. You can find 30 sets in a box.


Disposable Backpack for Joey Pump

The 500 mL disposable backpack joey pump has a clear PVC window, and polypropylene hardware. Also, this has various pockets to retain pump components like the tubing and wipes to clean up between sessions. It can also fit a fridge to keep your juices fresh. Moreover, it contains a feeding pump, formula, and other necessary supplies in a backpack. This enables you to carry your nutrition without attaching to an IV pole wherever you go.

Feeding Tube DeClogger

Clogging is occasionally a concern for those using feeding tubes like G or J tubes or PEG tubes. The enteral feeding tube decloggers assist patients in receiving nutrition and medication. They require without having to replace the complete tube. Also, the ribbed structure helps you quickly clear any obstructions. So you can resume providing for your body’s requirements. Because of its adaptable construction, it may bend around the feeding tube as necessary to rid it of any impediments and prevent punctures.

ePump Enteral Feeding Pump Device

The ePump enteral feeding pump device has an ATM-style interface that is incredibly simple to use. Also, it gives patients or on the go the option to schedule hydration. Furthermore, it provides accurate volumetric delivery and controls against over-infusion. Its programming is simple and quick because of the intuitive “ATM” interface. Smart pump technology can program feed-only or feed-and-flush systems. Also, this can identify the type of loaded feed set.