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TENS Unit items from RiteWay Medical include combination units, defibrillators, electrodes, skin preparation for electrotherapy, lead wires, miscellaneous electrotherapy, and many more. Products that support electrotherapy utilizing electrodes are available in the Tens category. Medical issues include incontinence, pain management, blood flow, joint mobility, tissue repair, and edema can all be treated with electrotherapy. Alternating current, a regulated electrical current, is used in electrotherapy to deliver therapeutic treatment. Electrotherapy is frequently utilized in physical therapy and rehab settings to help patients recover from an illness or trauma.


Types of TENS Units

Sports TENS Pain Therapy

Sports TENS pain therapy offers temporary pain relief for aching and tight muscles brought on by exercise or everyday household and work tasks. With this therapy, you can conveniently and safely receive the same technology utilized by medical professionals at home.

Back Pain Therapy

Therapy for back pain is calming and stimulates aching, tired muscles. Physical therapists have utilized electromassage therapy devices, refers to as TENS units, to treat both acute and chronic pain as well as tight and aching muscles. You may now easily and safely use the same technology used by physical therapists in the convenience of your own home. To transmit gentle impulses to the areas of your back that are hurting the most, just wrap the belt over your back and choose a massage program.

Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System

A powerful device, the dual channel TENS pain relief system lets you select from six pre-set body programs or six customizable programs for individualized treatment. With two electrode pads or four electrode pads, dual-channel functionality surrounds pain. Finding a comfortable degree of relief is quick and easy because of the 25 levels of intensity that are customizable.

For 30 minutes, it provides focused and efficient pain relief. Also, it has 8 programs, 30 intensity levels, a 5-95 minute timer, and a button lock mechanism to prevent unintentional adjustments to the device. The belt fits waists up to 60 inches (including belt extension)

Electrotherapy Pain Relief

The electrotherapy pain treatment device features 3 pre-set programs (arm, lower back, and leg/foot), each with 5 intensity levels. FDA-approved, transportable (fits in hand or pocket), and discreetly usable anyplace. Also, you may use it discreetly anyplace and fit in your hand or pocket. Moreover, it is compact, portable, and simple to use.

Depending on the type of their pain complaints, patients can choose between three different preset programs at five levels of severity. Moreover, it includes electrotherapy equipment, electrode cords, & 2 Long Life pads. It also includes a pad holder, 2 AAA batteries, a handbook, and a guide. Furthermore, with soothing, massage-like pulses, the simple-to-use TENS machine helps alleviate pain in as little as 15 minutes. This is accessible without a prescription.

We provide these items from leading manufacturers including Bodymed, Zewa, Enovative, Carex, Dynarex, and numerous others. It is usually a good idea to consult your doctor before beginning electrotherapy. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of chronic wounds, pressure ulcers, and drug delivery. It also provided rapid post-surgical muscle stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis.