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There are several different and distinctive thermometers for measuring body temperature, including types made for accuracy and simplicity. A variety of thermometers, including ear thermometers, digital thermometers, and conventional oral thermometers, are available on Riteway Medical to measure body temperature. With these high-quality home diagnostic instruments, there are dozens of brands available through Also, those are likely to satisfy the demands of those people at home who require precise body temperature assessments for both adults and children. To keep your thermometer clean for repeated usage, we now sell probe covers.


Thermometer Uses in the Home

  • Take a temperature reading to check for a fever.
  • Digitally recording temperature values for subsequent retrieval.
  • For more pleasant body temperature measurements, such as with youngsters, check the temperature in the ear.
  • Obtaining Celsius values while traveling outside of the U.S.

Top Quality Thermometers

Electronic Thermometer with Handheld

Electronic thermometers function with accuracy. Moreover, they have an intuitive, icon-based user interface. They have a backlit LCD screen that is easy to see. Also, they have a flexible probe for endurance. So, this makes them simple to operate. Single-use, color-coded, and self-contained probe coverings assist infection control recommendations.

Mercury-Free Oral Thermometer

An oral thermometer made without mercury has dual measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius and is simple to read. Everybody can use the thermometer with simplicity and accuracy. Because the instructions display in both English and Spanish.

Single-Use Disposable Thermometer

Our most popular item is a single-use disposable thermometer. It is specially made to be highly accurate and to stop cross-contamination, which can expose patients to pathogens. Casual person-to-person and object-to-person contact is a simple way to spread these illnesses. By offering a hygienic tool that one can use once and then discard, these types of thermometers eliminate this risk.

Contact Thermometer with LCD Display

The digital temporal touch thermometer’s quick response time and economical construction make it perfect for institutional and pediatric use. Employing this unique conductive technology, a reliable non-invasive temperature reading gets in six seconds. Moreover, it has an automatic shut-off, the last reading memory. Additionally, it has an audible tone that sounds when the measurement is finished.

Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Instant read digital thermometer correctly measures ounce R.A.T.E (Rapid Accurate Temperature Establishment) using body heat from the temple. It can be programmed to read in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Because it is non-invasive, caregivers can check a patient’s or child’s temperature without disturbing them while they are sleeping. Blood vessels produce heat. So, this thermometer has a sensor that quickly measures the blood flow to the body’s blood vessels. Then, this turns it into a reading of body temperature.

Infrared Thermometer

A convenient and accurate approach to measuring body temperature from the forehead is with an infrared thermometer. Moreover, its usage is secure, practical, and straightforward. Because of the non-contact, compact, and one-button design.

Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Temperature readings with a waterproof digital thermometer display in as little as 9 seconds. Furthermore, it has a large, easy-to-read display, auto shut-off, peak temperature tone, and memory recall of the previous measurement. The waterproof feature makes cleaning simple. Also, it can be used rectally, subcutaneously, or orally.

Battery-Free Digital Thermometer

The new benchmark for reliable and precise temperature taking with the added benefit of flexible comfort is the battery-free digital thermometer. Also, the thermometer has an easy-to-read display and monitors temperature in as little as 9 seconds. Moreover, it shuts off automatically.

Instant Read Digital Ear Thermometer

Take an accurate gauge of body temperature with the instant-read digital ear thermometer. Also, use ear thermometers on kids of all ages and are a highly safe way to measure temperature. Because they receive information through the ear. Furthermore, its waterproof tip is simple to wipe with alcohol or water.

Thermometers are one of the most often used medical equipment. They are used in private homes, medical offices, & long-term care institutions like nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities. Thermometers are available at from reputable suppliers such as A&D Medical, American Diagnostic, Briggs, Cardinal Health, Carex, Kaz, Live Health Smart, Mckesson, Medline, and MHC Medical, and others.