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A conductive device refers to the ultrasonic gel used in ultrasound treatment therapies and diagnostic procedures. It is first smeared on the skin before an ultrasound therapy or examination. Then it covers with a transducer. The tool used to transmit and receive the sound waves required for a procedure or examination refers to as a transducer. In order to allow medical professionals and expectant parents to hear the heartbeat of an unborn child, ultrasound gel is also combined with a fetal Doppler.


Certain objects block the ultrasound waves. For instance, using ultrasound to image through bone is ineffective. Because the sound waves are impeded by air and other substances. Therefore, to avoid the creation of air bubbles between the transducer and the skin, medical personnel must use ultrasonic gel. Moreover, the gel also facilitates the transmission of sound waves from the transducer into the body.

Normal ultrasound gel is thick and transparent, but not overly sticky. It softly adheres to the skin when applied and stays there until it removes at the end of the treatment. Many healthcare professionals utilize specific warmers to keep the gel warm. Also, they make it more comfortable to apply to the skin.

Doppler Available at Riteway Medical

  • Doppler Reporting System: Automated cuff selection, inflation, and calculation using a PC-based ABI system with an 8 MHz doppler reporting system.
  • Vascular Doppler Probe: Use a vascular doppler probe to look at the blood flow in the body’s blood vessels. Through the use of vascular ultrasound technology, blood vessels in the neck, belly, arms, and legs can all evaluate for arteries or veins.
  • Hand Held Doppler Unit with Display: A handheld doppler with a full display has greater sound quality & longer battery life. Also, it has improved doppler probe sensitivity, interchangeable doppler probe, and a one-year comprehensive guarantee.
  • Doppler Unit with Vascular Probe: Superior sound quality and longer battery life are features of the handheld doppler with a vascular probe. Moreover, it comes with improved probe sensitivity, interchangeable probes, and a one-year complete guarantee.
  • Obstetrical Doppler Probe: The greatest all-purpose obstetrical probe for fetal heart monitoring from the earliest stages until birth refers the obstetrical doppler probe. The probe’s wide-angle beam reduces latex Free and saves time.

Ultrasound Gels Available at Riteway Medical

  • Transmission Ultrasound Gel Pads: For usage in difficult-to-see and close-range regions, or when gels alone are insufficient, transmission ultrasound gel pads measuring 2 cm by 9 cm are beneficial. Moreover, they are aqueous, flexible, disposable ultrasonic standoff. Cross-contamination is never a concern during diagnostic or therapeutic ultrasound procedures due to disposability.
  • Ultrasound Gel: A conductive, non-staining, water-soluble contact material for the transmission of ultrasounds is ultrasound gel. You can have image clarity with the conductive feature. Also, it dissolves in water for quick, simple cleanup. It has longer instrument life due to lack of corrosion. Moreover, it does not have salt, alcohol, or scent.
  • Ultrasound Transmission Gel: The aquasonic ultrasound gel category includes ultrasound transmission gel. The excellent qualities of Aquasonic 100 are also present in Aquasonic clear gel. First of all, a bottle of clear ultrasound gel is simple to wipe off clothing. Because it is water-soluble and would not leave stains.

A wide variety of high-performance Doppler & ultrasonic gels are available from major suppliers like Mckesson & BodyMed at Riteway Medical.