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Sharps Containers are types of containers that are frequently usable in the medical industry to safely dispose of dangerous objects like medical needles. Medical professionals immediately put used medical needles into a needle disposal box. Without touching the container’s exterior, you can drop needles inside of it. Actually, it’s best to never force or press needles into a container.

You must have your container sent to a medical waste treatment facility once it is full. To dispose of your medical needles safely and conveniently, we provides a variety of containers, including 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 3-gallon containers. A sharps container, specifically in the United States, comprises of sturdy, red plastic for easy identification. A robust, yellow plastic container identifies sharps disposal in other nations.


Dispose of Needles & Sharps in Sharp Containers

Sharps Wall Cabinet with Glove Box

Sharps glove wall cabinet Box is beneficial to fit sharps containers that are 5 quarts. The discreet design, neutral color, and solid cabinets mount to the wall to guarantee the container’s vertical position. Also, they blend perfectly with any room’s decor. The viewing window on the front of the cabinet enables for fill level monitoring. And behind the cabinet is a glove dispenser.

Sharps Collector Bracket

The sharps collection bracket is not comprised of natural rubber latex and works with 5.4 quarts. Also, the line protects the clients by reducing their exposure to infectious garbage and sharps.

Sharps Container with Lid, 3 Gallon

A gallon-sized sharps container with a cover is intended to hold biohazardous sharps while utilizing the least amount of storage space possible. Its dimensions are 12.5 x 6 x 13.5 inches and it has a greater capacity of 3 gallons. Moreover, the clear entry lid on the red sharps container allows for visual access to the fill line. Additionally, it comprises sturdy, puncture-proof polypropylene to keep used sharps safely contained until disposal. The lid is locking after the contents reach the fill line. This prevents access until it has burned. The polypropylene material is safe for autoclaves and incinerators. Because it only releases water and carbon dioxide.

Sharps Container, 5 Gallon

Sharps container – 5 Gallon handles for both insulin syringes and pen needles. Also, it is a leak-proof and puncture-resistant container for the safe. Disposing of used sharps is easy in this sharp container.

Sharps Collector Locking Wall Bracket

Sharps collectors can be locked to a wall or cart using the 5.4-quart collector locking wall bracket. Moreover, to increase security, some brackets also have a locking mechanism. All 5.4-quart sharps collectors work with it.

Sharps Container With Counter Balanced Door Lid

A counterbalanced door and a horizontal entry distinguish the 5.4-quart sharps disposal containers as the next-generation patient for exam room sharps collectors.

Sharps disposal containers of the highest caliber are available from a variety of reputable medical suppliers, including BD, Cardinal Health, Covidien, and McKesson, at Riteway Medical.