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For people with circulation issues, socks for diabetes are ideal. To encourage better blood flow, diabetic socks apply light compression. To accommodate each diabetic patient’s unique demands, Riteway Medical provide diabetic socks in a variety of sizes and ankle or knee lengths. Because of their unisex design, both men and women can wear these socks.

Diabetic socks from Jobst, Advanced Orthopedics, Dr. Comfort, McKesson, and Truform, among others. Have a look at our assortment of compression socks if you’re looking for items that are comparable to diabetes socks. So, visit to purchase support diabetics socks and crew socks for diabetics!


Reduce Foot Injury Risk with Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks for Women & Men

Anyone with certain foot care requirements can wear diabetes compression socks. The moderate suppleness of the diabetic sock reduces bunching and slipping while also keeping compression stockings in place. Natural cotton fabric offers superior comfort, ease of care, and good absorbency. Moreover, these assist in the reduction of discomfort and blistering. These are ideal for diabetics or anybody with sensitive feet, and diabetic socks. In order to hold bandages or creams for medications, one can wear diabetic socks as night stockings.

Knee High Diabetic Sock

Mild compression socks with mid-calf refer to knee-high compression socks. These diabetic knee-high socks are beneficial for those who suffer from reduced nerve feeling came with diabetes or foot pain came with arthritis. Also, diabetic socks provide comfort and foot protection. The diabetes compression sock includes a soft, reduced, non-irritating toe seam that lessens pressure and discomfort on the toes. Moreover, the compression sock’s gentle, non-constricting gradient pressure decreases slippage, bunching, and wrinkling. The foot, heel, and toe of these diabetic knee-high socks have thick padding. These decrease friction and offer cushions for further comfort.

Closed Toe Diabetic Socks

A closed Toe is useful, especially for people with sensitive feet and diabetes. These diabetic compression socks also have more fabric on the foot, heel, and toe. Also, these closed-toe diabetic socks are available for both men and women. The compression stocking’s soft, low-profile, non-irritating toe seam lessens pressure and discomfort on the toes. These are created from threads of multi-fiber acrylic. These aid in wicking moisture away from the body. Moreover, it also possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. To lessen friction, this diabetic sock has thick padding on the foot, heel, and toe. For added comfort, this compression stocking also has padding.

Diabetic Crew Sock

Individuals with sensitive feet brought on by diabetes or arthritic symptoms can find adequate protection in diabetic crew socks. Crew socks for diabetes do not restrict movement. Because of non-constricting & gentle gradient compression. A low-profile, flat toe seam eases discomfort and pressure on the toes. The crew-length socks offer comfort and protection for the feet of diabetes. Furthermore, the added cushioning in these compression socks lessens friction and soothes the foot. For dry feet, acrylic yarns drain away moisture. Also, an antimicrobial coating aids in limiting bacterial development. For men or women, diabetic crew-length socks are a cozy stocking. Also, they have soft padding to assist lessen the friction that leads to blisters.

Diabetic Slipper Socks with Gripper Soles

Men’s gripper-soled diabetic slippers help relieve pressure on delicate legs. An ample, non-binding opening remains in place. Also, they are available in cotton and nylon-based diabetic slipper socks, 80% cotton, and 20% nylon. Moreover, one can wash this diabetic sock in a machine.