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To ensure an accurate glucose test, diabetic glucose control solutions closely resemble human blood. As it has a pH level and consistency that are comparable to those of human blood, it will respond to the strips. Also, it will respond to the glucose meter in the same manner that real blood would. A meter and test strips from the same brand can be used together as a whole monitoring system with the glucose meter calibration solution.

A blood glucose monitor management solution is crucial for controlling blood sugar levels and managing diabetes. Because it shows if the glucose meter and glucose test strips are interacting as they should. Abbott, Mckesson, Roche, and One Touch are just a few of the well-known brands that carries for glucometer test solutions.


Ingredients of Diabetic Glucose Control Solutions

Water, glucose, microbicides, and buffers are the main ingredients in diabetic glucose control solutions. The solution’s pH value is quite similar to that of human blood. The microbicides stop bacteria from growing. So that the glucose concentration would not be as expected. Also, the test would not be within the desired range.

When to use Glucose Solutions?

You should check the accuracy of glucose meters and test strips using control solutions, according to experts, when:

  • Prior to conducting a blood sugar test, use the glucose monitoring system.
  • While opening a fresh box of test strips.
  • When and if depending on the patient’s symptoms, the findings seem unusually high or low.
  • When, if ever, the strips are left exposed. Wear medical gloves if possible to prevent infection.
  • Whenever and if the system appears harmed or malfunctioning.

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