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Reachers make it easier for those with mobility issues to complete daily duties. Daily tasks like picking up a fallen object, reaching a high shelf, showering, pulling clothes out of the dryer, or putting on clothes may become challenging if one has decreased range of motion or grip strength. Without assistance, carrying out such tasks can be difficult and even painful.

Reachers and grabbers are tools that extend the user’s arm. Also, these allow the person to stay independent and complete these duties without experiencing any discomfort or exhaustion. The choices listed below can help you reach things that are frequently out of your reach and avoid being hurt.


Types of Reachers

Reaching and Grabbing Tools

Utilizing grabber tools and reaching aids lowers the risk of damage by enabling people to reach objects without bending or extending. Bending to pick something up or extending to reach something can be difficult or even painful for those with restricted movement. Also, it is difficult for those who are recovering from surgery or an injury. Or for those who have limited mobility.

  • Pik Stik Telescopic Reacher: It is a powerful grabber tool with rotation and extension for flexible application.
  • Aluminum Reacher: It is a common reaching device with a jaw that opens with a trigger.
  • Multi-Purpose Power Grip: A grasping tool, as opposed to a grabber stick, helps with jobs that require greater control. For example, opening pill bottles or dragging plugs out of sockets.

Personal Hygiene Aids

Personal hygiene is difficult when one has limited or reduced movement. So, reachers with long handles help when attempting to reach particular body parts.

  • Long Reach Reacher: It is a particularly long, curved reacher that aids in wiping after using the restroom and securely grasps toilet paper.

Dressing Aids

Dressing aids, as opposed to conventional grabber sticks, are specifically clothing-related.

  • Long-Handled Shoe Horn: It is a long, extended handle shoe horn that prevents users from reaching/bending to put on shoes.
  • Easy On Sock Aid: It is a simple device that holds socks or stockings open for stepping into while gripping them.