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The transfer of patients or loved ones from hospital beds and other furniture is easier with the use of gait belts. To assist patients with lifting and walking, Riteway Medical has a variety of Gait Belts, Patient Transfer Belts, and Lift Belts. A gait belt is a low-tech medical aid that enables caregivers or medical staff members to assist a patient in standing up and safely moving them from one location to another. Moreover, they can easily move patients from a wheelchair to a sofa. Or to support them during a short walk if they are too weak or unsteady to walk on their own.

Gait belts typically feature a strong buckle on one end and comprise of the canvas, cotton webbing, or nylon. Select the gait belt that best satisfies your requirements. Try the Posey Transport Belt when getting out of a wheelchair. Try the Lift Assist Belt if you want to assist someone standing up from a seated posture. The selection of mobility aids is vast. Thus, find the gait belt that best suits your needs by looking through the options below.


Types of Gait Belts

Transfer Belt

The high-quality, multipurpose strap you need is the transfer gait belt. This gait belt is intended for people who have problems walking. Patients or loved ones can more easily be moved from hospital beds and other furniture with the use of patient transfer belts. Users have complete control over the patient during transfer. Because four webbed hand grips come with each heavy-duty nylon strap.

Gait Belt with Buckle

Gait Belt with Buckle is useful for moving and handling patients. It has a machine washable metal buckle that is entirely made of iron. The simple-to-grip handles on this lifting belt offer improved comfort. Also, these provide leverage for transferring patients.

Gait Belt With Hand Holds

Users who are experiencing trouble walking can be stabilized with the aid of a gait belt with hand grips. Also, the hoisting belt has a plastic buckle belt and two handholds for caregiver support. The waist sizes for these patient transfer belts range from 30 to 45 inches. Moreover, the robust gait belts also aid in stabilizing individuals who have trouble walking.

Vinyl Gait Belt

To prevent the spread of germs and viruses, vinyl gait belts can quickly and effectively disinfect this. These are sturdy, with two-inch-wide webbing coated in polyurethane for a smooth, non-absorbing surface. Also, these have two inches of webbing.

Heavy Duty Gait Belts

Heavy duty gait belts decrease back problems among caregivers. There are two sizes available for them. The transfer gait belt’s easy-grip grips offer improved comfort and leverage for transferring patients. A patient transfer belt is a safety tool that assists in transfers, like from a chair to a bed. You receive assistance from the lifting belt, which also helps you avoid falling. Using a lifting belt also reduces the possibility of suffering a back injury while assisting someone to move or walk.

Patients can more easily move from hospital beds and other furniture with the use of gait belts. Gait or Transfer Belts are available in a wide variety on We offer high-end tools that guarantee dependability and safety. These products are available from reputable manufacturers like Posey, Nova, Medline, Skil-Care, Essential, and Mckesson, ensuring their quality and standard. Gait belts, many additional transfer aids, and their attachments are available.